Temperament, Facts, And Information Of The Dachshund Dog

Dachshund dog information and temperament-Dachshunds are the hound dogs specially bred for hunting badgers and many other tunneling rabbits, foxes, and animals. The packs of Dachshund were primarily to trail the wild boar. Today the versatility of these dogs has made them the best companions in the dog shows and other games of hunting. Here you can fund the complete list of characteristics of these dogs.

More about the Dachshund dog

Temperament, Facts, And Information Of The Dachshund Dog

Dachshunds are intelligent dogs, and you should not fool you. It is a small, dropped-eared dog, which is tough to take up badger. This was the reason why these dogs got bred and how it got its name.

These Dachshunds come in mainly three varieties including, smooth, wirehaired, and the longhaired dogs. In the US, these dogs are considered to be miniature or standard dogs. If your dog weighs around 11 to 16 pounds, then it is called tweenie. Other countries have a wide variance in the sizes.

Not considering their size, Dachshunds have been the delightful dogs to a family. It is the reason why these dogs got ranked as the topmost popular dogs since the 1950s. They have a cute appearance that inspired many affectionate nicknames to the breed. You will always smile when you look at these confident Dachshunds.

Dachshund dog temperament

Dachshund dog information and temperament

Dachshunds have a muscular and extended body with short legs. It has an elongated head held with bold and intelligent looks. It is all because of the comical appearance that makes Dachshunds be a favorite character for the cartoonists and toymakers. The cute presence of such dogs has been due to many severe and practical reasons. Short legs of Dachshunds help them to dig through tunnels and the corners. These short legs are best to fight the badgers and many other animals. Their large chest has plenty of heart to fight against anyone. These dogs, however, have a stubborn and independent spirit, especially during hunting.

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Basic Highlights

Dachshund dog information and temperament

Dachshunds have been stubborn animals that are difficult to housebreak. For these dogs, Crate-training is mandatory.

These are intelligent dogs with an independent and playful spirit. Because of such activities, these are naughty dogs. Thus it is good to be firm, patient, and consistent in training.

These dogs get bred for hunting reasons, and thus, they exhibit behaviors related to that. These dogs have short legs that help them dig badgers burrows. These dogs got bred tp be tenacious in hunting and killing of prey.

Dachshunds have a deep bark, which is very loud, and even these dogs like to bark.

If you do not watch out, these dogs can become lazy and fatty. It will put a lot of strain on their fragile back. Thus it is good to be sure that will monitor Dachshund’s food intake.

These dogs are highly prone to have slipped disks on the back. This may lead to full or partial paralysis. Thus it is good not to let these dogs jump from high places.

These are one-person dogs by nature. They are very suspicious of strangers, and it is good to socialize these dogs when they are at the pup stage.

Buy your puppy from a responsible breeder when it is a matter of health.


These dogs are shown up for two sizes as Miniature and Standard Dachshunds. They usually weigh around 16 to 32 pounds. People who specially want to have small dogs socialize these dogs as Toy Dachshunds. This the marketing term, not a designation. These are, however, smart, courageous, and lively dogs.

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