Long Breed Dogs That Has Long Life Expectancy

Large dogs with a long life expectancy-The dogs that have a long life expectancy are small breeds. There are many theories related to this; however, some such methods are stupid. According To the surveys, it has been found that big dogs die earlier than small breeds. However, this fact does not make any sense because, as we consider the case of wildlife, big animals live more than lower. In dogs, it can be a reason that dogs grow fast, and this could be a reason why they die at a young age. Here we are with a list of four large dogs but with long life expectancy.

Large dogs with a long life expectancy
American Alsatian

Large dogs with a long life expectancyIt is a large dog breed that got developed to look like a Dire Wolf, which is an extinct animal that used to feast on other strange animals of that time. These dogs got breed to be large and big that weigh around at least 90 pounds. They are healthy animals that live for a long time like a wolf. These dogs are not aggressive and have a calm personality.


The breeders of this dog also focus on their health. These dogs, as expected, can live for twenty years. These are great dogs for the family who is looking for a dog that has a long life.

Alaskan Malamute

Large dogs with a long life expectancyThese are the few large dogs with a long life expectancy. These dogs weigh around 40 kilograms. However, the longevity of Alaskan Malamute is not much proven, and we add the probability that these dogs live long. The highest life span of these dogs in the past years was 11 years, but now it has reached around 15 years. These dogs are great for many reasons for having a long potential life and a healthy breed. These are sled dogs and thus have a lot of power. These dogs need a long walk, unlike other dogs who like to sit quietly and wait for someone to ask for exercise.

It is not a submissive dog and but are not easy to train. Most of these dogs are watchdogs and not good with small animals. However, these dogs go well as the best pets for families.

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Large dogs with a long life expectancyBesides the life span, this dog also falls under the category of most intelligent dogs. These are protection dogs that are to guard an individual. These dogs learn commands given very quickly. However, these dogs do not have a good reputation in many circles. It is because they got bred to appear intimidating. However, many dogs get bred to show their loyalty and good-natured.


Dobies generally suffer from an inherited disease called dilative cardiomyopathy. It has lead to death in many dogs. If you want to have these dogs along with you, then make sure that you have created an investigation that parents of this dog did not suffer from the same.

Anatolian Shepherd

Large dogs with a long life expectancyThese are potent dogs but not for everyone, but if you want to have large dogs with a long life expectancy and good qualities. These dogs generally weigh around 70 kilograms, but also they can small to weigh 40 kilos. These dogs look large with the necks and coats. This dog breed has been there for thousands of years and got bred to overcome rugged conditions.


These dogs need to be fierce guard dogs and sturdy enough to withstand the hot summers and cold winters. The body of these dogs must be healthy to survive their own. The average expected life span of these dogs was 11 years but can also live up to 14 years. It is better to screen the parents of this dog as they might develop hip dysplasia.