Myths And Facts About Dog

Dog myths and facts-Dogs are very amazing animals in the world, and they have lived for long years with humans. Dogs have helped humans in creating an active lifestyle by exercising and eating healthy food every day there are many benefits of playing with your dog.

But it gets said that humans produce great myths and different facts related to dogs every day. Every legend related to dogs is not always accurate because dogs are particularly not like that people explain them. Some of the myths need to get corrected so that you can analyze them correctly.

Dog Myths And Misconceptions

Color blindness of the dogs:

Dog Myths And Misconceptions: Look At The Facts

This is one of the dog myths it is challenging to imagine that what a dog can see from their eyes, and this myth is entirely misconception because none of the humans does know about the color blindness of a dog.

The dog consists of a canine retina in which two photoreceptors are present, which helps them in watching several colors. It gets discovered that dogs can easily watch various colors, and thus, it does not have color blindness. It is excellent for you to know that dogs can see different saturations of the colors that include yellow, grey, and blue. But it is a fact that they can see less color than humans. 

Eating of grass:

Dog Myths And Misconceptions: Look At The Facts

It gets said that dogs eat grass when they are alone, sad, and sick. Some of the dogs eat grass, but it is not right for every dog. Eating of grass when a dog is sick is a misconception because dogs can eat grass at any time.

Many dogs eat grass when they feel boredom or when they get the opportunity of eating grass in any park or garden. Some of the dogs eat grass because they love the flavor and taste of hemp.

This behavior of your dog is not bad, so you do not need to stop them. They will not get sick by eating grass at any time because green does not consist of any lousy ingredient that could affect their health.

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Wagging tail behavior means that a dog is friendly:

Dog Myths And Misconceptions: Look At The Facts

It is one of the other dog myths that your dog feels friendly when they wage their tail. It is not the fact that wagging tail is one reason behind a dog’s loving nature because some times they feel excited and pay their tail in front of others.

It is not a fact that their wagging tail means a welcoming environment because dogs have canine body language is a bit complex, which gets misinterpreted every time. It would help if you spent time with your dog because it will help you to know about your dog and help you to understand better. 

One year of dog equals seven years of humans:

Dog Myths And Misconceptions: Look At The Facts

It is not wholly accurate because humans and dogs have utterly different age factors. The first year of the dog is entirely equal to the twelve years of the human. The age of any dog depends on various factors that include size, genetics, and breed of the dog. The age of large and small dogs is entirely different because small dogs live around 18 years, and on the other hand, large breed dogs live around the age of ten years. 

Wet and cold nose means healthy dog:

Dog Myths And Misconceptions: Look At The Facts

It is not a myth for any dog breed because wetness, as well as the temperature of the dog’s nose, can get vary according to the normal daily activities. There is no indication that the cold and wet nose means an active and healthy body of the dog. It is excellent to maintain their health by eating healthy food every day and adequately following exercise in routine.