Down on the (big) Money Farm… Again!

A farm-themed slot game! Isn’t this amusing and interesting. If you also want to play such an intriguing game, then you are at the right place. Money Farm 2 by GameArt is one such game that will give you immense fun with its theme and great wins with its special features.

Although the game does not have features that you won’t find in any other slot game, Money Farm 2 still manages to stand out. So, if you are someone who loves to play a bitcoin slot game, then Money Farm will certainly satiate your craving for a good game.

Money Farm 2 Best Bits

It is a very amusing slot game by GameArt. One thing that we are sure of is that when it comes to GameArt, they can make a bitcoin slot look amazing. Money Farm 2 is one such example. People who have been playing Money Farm 2, know how amazing and big this game can be! They can easily testify that when the game pays big, it pays really big!!

With the addition of some super quirky and entertaining characters, the game definitely stands out. Also, Money Farm is best known for its unique and special features. These features can be very helpful if you want a big win. The special free spins and wild unlock can help accumulate some serious and big money.

The Gameplay of Money Farm 2 Bitcoin Slot

Imagine a slot game that comes with easier wins and an engaging, entertaining theme. This is all that you will get in Money Farm 2. The game is filled with infinite possibilities that can make your game better. Even with the complex dynamic, which can be a little frustrating at times, the game has the potential to bring you out of the distractions. The makers of the game have made sure that keep the awkward bits as minimal as possible.

You really do not have to do any adjustments or settings before starting the game. The only adjustment you will have to make before you spin is the “bet per line”. Once you have fixed the number of wins (that you can change), all you will have to worry about is the size of the best and then you are good to go.

Also, always remember that each increment will be multiplied by five. This means that your final stake per spin will be five times what you initially put up forward. The coin domination ranges from 0.01 to 0.05. Keeping all these things in mind, you should also know some other important things.

We have mentioned earlier as well that Money Farm 2 is a slot game that has a thing for aesthetics. However, that is not all that the game is about. The game is as much about the features as aesthetics. Each animal character in the game has its own personality. The game is full of life and fun. The characters certainly do not take themselves too seriously. However, that does not mean they can’t help you in your win. Each of the animals in the game means something. Starting from clucking chickens to smiling pigs, everything plays an important role in your win.

The appearance of these characters and their rewards are very random. Some of the symbols might appear frequently, whereas others might be very hard to come by. There are chances that they might only appear once or twice throughout the game. For example, two dogs and pigs are worth one cow or sheep if you want to secure a win. This addition in the game is one thing that keeps you on the hook but also increases the level of interest and of course your wins.

Seek Out Those Golden Eggs

This has been made clear that the Money Farm 2 is very different from the standard Bitcoin slot games. In addition to the differences from the traditional slot machine, the Money Farm 2 comes with a wild symbol. Remember that this is not a substitute for another symbol. Although it will gladly help complete various winning combinations, it also has the power to unlock free spins. Basically, whenever the chicken contributes to a win, you’ll also get five free spins.

This is not where the surprise ends, there is more to this! During any of the free spins, if the chicken lays an egg (doesn’t literally lay an egg), this will repeat the win and unlock the bonus game.

Wrapping Up

This was everything that you needed to know regarding the Money Farm 2. The amazing features, interactive and engaging theme, helpful symbols, and free spins are the reason why this bitcoin slot game is different from others. If you love playing slot games, then Money Farm 2 is the ultimate game that you must try. Use these symbols and gains big wins!

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