Healthy Diet For Your Rottweiler

A healthy diet for your Rottweiler.  Having a pet will be an adventurous journey. We learn what is good for them and what is not by the go. Feeding our fur babies the right food is so important. Dogs are active animals with a lot of energy. Feeding them the right amount of nutrients that they need plays a vital role in their growth and health. This doesn’t imply that we feed our dogs everything we eat. Click here to see some common health problems your Rottweiler can face. 

Dogs and human beings have different digestive tolerance. Dogs have a slower metabolism rate than us. There are few foods in particular which may interfere with their normal digestion. Foods like corn, garlic, onions, salty foods, spicy or oily human food will either take a very long time to digest or cause nausea. So this should always be kept in mind while feeding a dog anything off your plate. 

Healthy Diet For Your Rottweiler

Healthy Diet For Your Rottweiler


Dietary requirements differ from breed to breed and dog to dog. Bigger dogs like Great Dane, German Shepherd, rottweiler need more protein centered diet as they spend a lot of energy off during the day. Dogs will suffer from a nutrient deficiency if their diet is not monitored properly. This may lead to loss of fur, patchy coats, weakness, and irritability. 

Rottweilers are dogs with great energy. They need ample amounts of nutritious food to keep their spirits high. 

Healthy Diet For Your Rottweiler

For meeting a Rottweiler’s high energy needs, it needs a good amount of protein. They may have different nutritional needs during different times of their lives. The meat is a healthy diet for your Rottweiler it will help in proper growth of the dog in the early stages. Foods like 

  • Chicken/ bone
  • Duck
  • Beef
  • Fish

 have a high amount of protein and are easily digested for the dog. They help in building muscle and strength to the dog. Other than feeding meat directly to the dog opting for foods that have meat as an imbibed ingredient in them. This will help meet the high-calorie diet active dogs need. 

Most kinds of preservable dog food have At Least one type of meat in them as an ingredient.

Healthy Diet For Your Rottweiler

 It is better to slowly try what kind of food goes well with the dog, as some dogs may not do well with high meat intake. Planning out a diet won’t happen overnight, it requires plenty of monitoring and attention. Another important ingredient to look for is food preservatives and sugary flavors. It is best to avoid purchasing any flavored food items. The quality of the food plays a great role in the diet.

Dog food should be checked for proper quality and potions.  For an overview, protein, and energy-rich food is the best food for a Rottweiler. Food with more fat content, too many preservatives or flavors should be strictly avoided.

If it is observed that the Rottweiler is facing any itching after feeding some particular food it is best to consult a vet and figure out if there is any allergic reaction involved. Corn, processed flour and soy are harmful to dogs. They should be strictly kept out of their diet. While the dog is still in the growing stage it should also be provided with calcium-rich foods and also specially cooked vegetables.

Feeding chicken, bone, duck and other meat At Least once a day. Also keeping the dog hydrated is equally important, not only proper nutrition but staying hydrated also effects in growth. A healthy Rottweiler will have a shiny two-toned coat and a visible growth scale. Keeping a nutritional check with the vet will help in keeping track with the health and identify any problems in the early stages itself. Healthy and wise choices make a happy dog.

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