Outdoor Activities For Your Rottweiler

Outdoor activities for your Rottweiler-Every pet owner knows how happy and overwhelmed their dog gets when they catch a leash. Playtime is probably the favorite part of a dog’s day. Dogs are energetic animals by their nature. They are active and love spending time outdoors. Any dog big or small needs a  minimum of 20 minutes of physical activity every day. Otherwise, this may lead to obesity and trauma. Some dogs like Australian Shepherds, beagles even get a seizure if due to lack of minimal physical activity.

So physical activity has a great role in a dog’s life. Dogs have a very fast growth rate. Most of the dogs are fully grown by the age of 12- 18 months. From the days of being puppy dogs tend to move around a lot. By the time they are four weeks old, they start walking. As soon as the puppy is vaccinated the young buddy is ready for the outside world. Are Rottweilers easy to train?

 First, we can train the dog to get adjusted to a leash. Puppies learn quickly, so it is easier to teach them tiny tricks at a smaller age. Once the pup is used to the leash start taking the puppy to small parks for walks. This will slowly get the puppy used to outdoor surroundings and environment. This would be the first outside activity a dog of any breed. Rottweilers are true fun-loving dogs. They would love to run around and be active. They are known for being used as shepherd dogs due to their witty and active nature. After learning how to walk on a leash a Rottweiler can be taught different other physical activities and games. 

Outdoor Activities For Your Rottweiler

 Playing fetch

Outdoor Activities For Your Rottweiler

Once if we teach a Rottweiler the game of fetch, we can throw you to longer distances to tray the dog for speed and control. Rottweilers can be trained to run at great speeds. They can achieve up to 30 kmph speed in a run. Running is a sport that can be easily taught to a Rottweiler. 

Tug of war

Outdoor Activities For Your Rottweiler


Playing tug war can teach dog control and team. Rottweilers are smart dogs and learn pretty quickly. Tug war will work their strength and understanding. They can get a little aggressive which can be trained by proper guidance and practice.

Laser game

Outdoor Activities For Your Rottweiler

Try pointing a Laser to a point and your rottweilers will instantly try to catch and play around with the light. This game is playful and doesn’t require a lot of space. Dogs love shiny things and easily get attracted to them. 


Outdoor Activities For Your Rottweiler

Running a leap, the relay will teach rottweilers speed and competitiveness. Once they get the hang of running a certain distance they can be taken to dog shows for higher levels of the sport. So running is one of the best outdoor activities for your Rottweiler. 

Group plays

Pet dogs usually tend to get along with people more easily than with other dogs. Rottweilers are obedient dogs. They will get along with other dogs if they are made to interact frequently. Can we name a better outdoor game other than dogs happily playing and running around? This will help them socialize and build up team spirit. 

Trained games

Outdoor Activities For Your Rottweiler


Trained games are a little more organized and different from casual ones. The following are a few fun trained games for rottweilers to challenge their skills:

  • Obstacle maze
  • Slide trains
  • Fetch race 
  • Loop jumping.

Any kind of game, a little practice and patience will teach the dog to ace it. Rottweilers are often seen taking part in dog shows and competitions where they show spectacular speed and intelligence. They are strong and fast which adds up in such shows.