How to Find and Hire a Perfect Game Dev Team in 2021

The gaming industry has shown steady growth over the years, and it has accelerated recently since more activity has begun to manifest itself indoors. Therefore, the requirements for highly skilled blockbuster game developers have increased dramatically. We want to discuss this issue with some recommendations for finding game developers so that your next masterpiece will be a game art studio with professionals

Before hiring a team to develop a game, you need to understand the process of developing this game.

In short, at first, this is a pre-sale period where the idea should be in the first place, without any idea of ​​what this game will be about, what events will take place for it, whom it is intended for, will be no further development process. The next step is the development process, where the idea starts to take shape. It is the longest stage. And finally, there is a posture to develop a period where it is necessary to polish all the problems made in the game and start it. You have to know the development of the process to determine the amount of work that needs in the project, decide which genre will correspond to this game, and see which professionals need to be attracted to solve this problem.

Period of idea development

This article is vital because many people believe the details can develop further, but the vision of the main picture and the main ideas should be clear from the very beginning. It is the same as building a foundation for your home, and this foundation will depend on how strong it will be. The more details you can identify in the early stages, the fewer problems you will face in the future.

Finances investment in the game

It will allow you to estimate how much money you need to spend on development, how many financial resources you can afford to invest in this game, and it will need to make ends meet and ultimately have a profit.

The choice of a gaming platform

Here you have to decide which platform you will make the game on. It could be console or android, personal computer, iOS, or some cross-platforms. PC holders lead the gaming platform for future growth after console, mobile platform, and VR.

Game genre

The genre affects the amount of future work, the number of people in the team, and it depends on the budget invested in it. You can choose RPG, puzzle, simulation, adventure, action, RTS. You have to pick what kind of game it will be Indie or AAA?

Interaction between players

Here you have to decide what kind of interaction between players over the world is planned in your game.

The nature and scenario of the game

You create quests at the level of the logic of the avatars of the players and the character following the story that you are going to tell in this game. The simplest game does not need any big details, but if you plan the game to grow over time after you need to worry about the varied content inside the game.


How are you going to make money on your game? Are you going to sell your game? Will there have to be obligatory in-app purchases or monetization happen through advertising?

To think about these questions. They are the main points without which you cannot develop a quality game.

When you created a game design document with all the specific UX / UI elements and storyline described, you prototyped this game and tested it. Of course, this game will be without design, but it allows you to see possible problems and how well the story works fit the way you see it. Without testing, it does not move on to the next stage of development.

Game development

It is the longest but most significant stage in the development of the game. You should adhere to the Game Design Documents to avoid further risks.

Graphics, design, and animation

Game designers stick to game mechanics. The designer assigns the level of dislocation to provide the correct difficulties and obstacles for the players. 2D and 3D designers create characters, environments, textures, visual effects, and so on. Animators make the creature game company


Programmers write code through which every detail in a game takes on power. Programmers can be highly specialized. It means a specialization in a particular field as Indie developers, who will support all the programming mechanisms in their own game.


Sound engineers create all the sound effects of vocal music in the game. As a result, they are responsible for the entire audio track of the game.


It is very important to test the game before launching it. Some game studios hire several test movers and divide them into groups to test different problems. Testers check the availability of all areas in the game if something is not working correctly or the levels are too hard or too easy. Some people play a 100% game loop to unlock all levels and see if the game is correct.


After starting the game, you can still improve and revise the created game to adopt the consumer’s ability to use this game. You can skip and have a few troubles from the testing stage. Usually, players comment on such things, which you can listen to them. Also, it includes the release of new improvements, the creation of more chapters of special events, and so on.

Create a mobile game and an outstanding team of professional developers

Now you understand that you need professionals in your team. Only you create a clear vision of the game for the project that is necessary. The next step is the constant presence of the game team for developers to bring your idea to life. Finding the very best game developers takes patience and is not an easy process.

Understand game technology before hiring a game development team

As you already understood, at each stage of the game development, certain specialists are required. Depending on the technologies used in your games, developers will be looking for who can help you solve the problem in this area. From this point of view, you can discuss the requirements with the game developer or with a game development company.

Developing a game requires a game specialist with solid experience in game engineering, who knows graphics-based programming languages.

The game development team includes professionals in programming, 3D modeling, audio, animation, UI / UX, and visual design. The number of members in it will depend on the difficulty of the game. It can accommodate 20 to 25 people if it is a game with a large budget and claims to be highly appreciated by consumers. If we are talking about average indicators, as a rule, such a team includes from 1 to 30 developers. The small team usually consists of a game designer and a programmer. If you are interested in the success of a game created by one or two people, then the success of such games is at a high level.

Choice in search of game developers

Finding game developers can be difficult. However, there are many ways in which you can find talented game developers:

The game developer society can be a starting point for finding game developers. These are such communities as TIGSource, IndieDB, Develteam

Look at online freelance networks like Upwork

An online platform such as Ute provides great opportunities for finding offshore developers. It also helps to hire game developers within two days and less willing to start working next week.

How much does it cost to hire an offshore developer? The cost of an offshore developer on Nemanja depends on the country in which the developer is located. Also, keep in mind that the market is oversaturated, and the indicators change every month. Therefore, you need the candidate you like to hire at the moment when you have to start developing the game.