How to Get PMP Certification in Singapore

The PMP certification in Singapore is a globally recognized project management certification offered by the Project Management Institute or PMI. It’s the gold standard of project management and is the most desired, renowned, and highly prestigious certification.

Why choose PMP Certification Training in Singapore

The PMP certification in Singapore is assumed as the universal benchmark, particularly for Project Management Professionals. For attaining a leap in your career, the significance of PMP certification training is inevitable. Because:

  1. This program includes the top PMP practices aligned with the latest PMP Examination Content Online 2021.
  2. This PMP accreditation instructional course covers arising works on, fitting contemplations, and recent fads, which will assist you with clearing the PMP test on the main endeavor with the assistance of expert practitioners.
  3. It teaches the latest project management skills and core competencies required in today’s organizations.
  4. This course helps the students to educate about how to manage projects and small organizations by using practical, strategic approaches.
  5. Expert trainers, practice tests, various holistic, practical approaches, real-life scenarios, and tailored training facilities for enhanced learning outcomes are associated with the training sessions.

Get the benefits of PMP Certification in Singapore

As you become a Project Management Professional, you get enough experience being a project manager who is certified and trained to direct teams toward a project goal. PMP certification is highly recommended as it helps project managers in order to grow their careers by making them eligible to apply for the best roles in the top companies globally.

They keep up to date with the new advancements, network with other confirmed associates of their equivalent field, and run over the best task possibilities. PMPs lead projects in almost every country without focusing on a particular geography.

In addition, around the world, perceived PMP affirmation can assist them with landing worthwhile jobs in IT, producing money, medical services, and different other invigorating businesses. Confirmed PMPs drive better task execution and are regularly compensated with considerable compensation rises.

The key attributes of PMP certification in Singapore

Some of the key features of the PMP certification course include:

  • PMI Instructor-Led Practical Workshop
  • Lifecycle game to reduce study time
  • 35 PDU / Contact Hours and Official PMI Certificate of Attendance
  • 200 Question official Mock exams from PMI
  • PMP exam application review and assistance
  • 30 days coaching post the class with multiple awards winning International Project Manager

Eligibility Criteria for PMP Certification in Singapore 

Being a significant differentiator for senior management roles for various companies and organizations, PMP certification in Singapore has more worth than any other credentials.

Nothing will be the best way to build a strong portfolio of a project manager than earning a PMP certification. Are you pondering on who can pursue this highly notable credential being the best fit for one’s career to opt for? Let’s see below.

➢ Chief Executives

➢ Managers

Team leads

➢ Software developers

➢ Project engineers

➢ Assistant project managers

➢ And anyone else who aspires to move as a project manager in the future as a career.

Some mandatory requirements 

While moving to pursue a bright career in project management, some things are essential to declare to behold. The same is the case with PMP certification in Singapore too. If you figure out the prerequisites of earning this professional certificate, you have to fulfill the given requirements, which are mandatory.

Such as :

  • A four-year college degree,
  • About 4500 hours of directing projects,
  • 3500 hours of pro-education in project management.

On the other hand, if you couldn’t meet these criteria, you have to give the proof of :

  • A high school diploma, or an associate degree, or any other global equivalent,
  • About 7500 hours investing in overseeing the projects,
  • Along with 35 hours of study of project management.

Designed Curriculum for PMP Certification in Singapore

Once the PMP certification course is offered by PMI. Its curriculum is also provided to the training institutes in order to train and prepare aspirants to boost their professional careers in project management.

The designed curriculum for PMP Certification in Singapore includes:

Intro about the course

Firstly, the course introduction has to be given to the aspirants so that they may get to know about what they will learn in the course to become a PMP professional.

Creating a High-performing Team

Once the PMP course has been introduced before future PMPs, its main objective is to create a high-performing team. Thus, it includes:

➔ Build a team

➔ Define team ground rules

➔ Negotiate project agreements

➔ Empower team members and stakeholders

➔ Train team members and stakeholders

➔ Engage and support virtual teams

➔ Build a shared understanding about a project

➔ Case study

Starting the Project

In this phase, the following approaches have to meet to start a project:

➔ Determine appropriate methods and practices

➔ Plan and manage scope

➔ Plan and manage budget and resources

➔ Plan and manage schedule

➔ Plan and manage the products’ quality and deliverables

➔ Plan and manage procurement

➔ Integrate project planning activities

➔ Establish project governing structure

➔ Plan and manage project closure

➔ Case study

Doing the Work

What does the work have to be done? All about has to be learned in this phase. Such as:

➔ Assess and manage risks

➔ Execute project to deliver business value

➔ Manage communications

➔ Create project artifacts

➔ Manage project changes

➔ Manage project issues

➔ Ensure knowledge transfer to project continuity

➔ Case study

Keeping the Track on Team 

In this phase, aspirants learn about how a team has to keep on track. Like:

➔ Lead a team

➔ Support team performance

➔ Address and remove all the obstacles, impediments, and blockers

➔ Manage all conflicts

➔ Collaborate with stakeholders

➔ Mentor relevant stakeholders

➔ Apply emotional intelligence to promote team performance

Keeping the Business Domain in Mind

In the end, it’s so crucial to keep the business environment in mind while managing projects. For this, you’ve to learn:

➔ Manage compliance requirements

➔ Evaluate and deliver project benefits and value

➔ Assess and address inward and outward alterations in the business environment

➔ Support organizational change

➔ Employ continuous process improvement

➔ Case study

Did you know about the emolument of a PMP-certified professional?  

You will be wondering in order to get to know about the average salary of a PMP-certified professional. Because PMP Project Management Professional with PMP credential holding in Singapore is approx. $90,000 per year. (This info is given as per data from the career search portal and review site.)

Final words

Hopefully, you have got enough to plan your future to be a project manager. Because if you want to pursue a professional career in project management, PMP certification will assist you in growing more. So, what are you looking for? Take your career to the next level with PMP certification in Singapore.

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