Key Factors to Consider When Buying a Storage Electric Water geyser

Even the prospect of cold morning showers during the winter season sends shivers down anyone’s spine. So leave aside bathing, consider using ice-cold water to wash dishes, do laundry, and perform other routine household chores. There is nothing more reassuring during the winter than having hot water available at all times. That’s why a water geyser is a necessity in an Indian home.

Because a Water geyser is a low-involvement product only used during the winter, consumer purchasing decisions is quite low. When purchasing a geyser, most people opt for well-known, well-known, and long-established brands. Additionally, some homeowners consult with electricians and plumbers before making a decision.

Listed below are key factors to consider when buying a storage Electric Water Geyser


Before scouring the market, you should determine the water geyser’s capacity required to meet your hot water needs. The type of family you have, whether nuclear or extended is critical, as it directly relates to the amount of hot water you will require daily. While a small capacity geyser will suffice for your kitchen’s hot water needs, you’ll need a larger capacity water geyser in the bathroom.

Assume a family of four members each uses a 15-liter bucket of water for bathing. Typically, people combine hot and cold water to achieve the ideal water temperature for a relaxing bath. Considering that each family member uses about half a bucket of hot water per bath, a best geyser 25 ltr is adequate since they will be bathing one after another.

When selecting an electric smart geyser, one should also consider the local climate. For example, purchasing a large capacity electric smart geyser may be a wise decision if you live in an area with extremely cold winters.

Energy consumption

Under the Energy Star program, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency rates electric water geysers on a scale of 1-5. The more stars a water geyser has, the more energy-efficient it is. In the case of water geysers, wattage should not be used to determine energy consumption. Rather than that, what matters is the amount of hot water consumed and the standing losses. For the tank to be highly energy-efficient, the heat generated by the heating element must remain inside for a prolonged period. In most cases, insufficient insulation between the tank and the outer body of a water geyser results in increased energy consumption. As a result, one should ensure that the water geyser’s insulation material is of high quality.

Consider the tank and the heating element

The tank that comes into direct contact with the water is one of the most critical features to look for in an electric storage water geyser. If your home has hard water, the water geyser tank is more susceptible to corrosion and calling. Hard water contains a high concentration of minerals, typically calcium and magnesium, which causes the inner tank to corrode more quickly. Therefore, when purchasing a best geyser 25 ltr, one should inspect the tank’s quality and ensure that it is non-corrosive material. Equally critical is determining the corrosion resistance of the heating element used inside the water geyser.

Are you a resident of a high-rise apartment building

High water pressure, which is common in high-rise buildings, can cause damage to a water geyser’s inner tank, resulting in a leakage problem. Therefore, if you live in a high-rise apartment, it is critical to ensure that your water geyser is equipped with a high-pressure bearing tank.

Characteristics of Safety

Without a doubt, prevention is preferable to cure. While we do not regularly hear about water geyser accidents, it is important to check safety features such as pressure release valves, vacuum release valves, and thermal protection.

Warranties & After-Sales Support

When purchasing the best geyser 25 ltr, it is always prudent to choose a reputable brand to enjoy complete peace of mind regarding installation, warranty, and after-sales service. After all, you don’t want to be spending money on maintenance and repairs year after year.

Area of Installation

The amount of wall or floor space required is significant and should be factored in when purchasing the best geyser 25 ltr. In addition, you’ll need a designated location with easy access to the input and outlet faucets, as well as easy maintenance and repair.