Migrate your store to Shopify

The Shopify platform (Shopify) is one of the best CMS (CMS) for creating an online store in the Western market, which allows you to do e-commerce. With simple functionality and lots of templates, you can easily launch your web store with it. All you need to work with Shopify is internet access.

In many ways, Shopify looks like an exemplary store builder – powerful, with a rich ecosystem, user-friendly and moderately simple for beginners. The benefits are related to functionality. Disadvantages for the domestic user stem from everything related to cost and localization.

Transferring an online store to a new platform is like moving from an old apartment to a new apartment. The need to move is understandable because the repair is old, the wiring is constantly junk and there are three means of transport to go to work. But all these shortcomings are familiar, and it is not clear what to expect from a new place. You can learn more about migrating from Woocommerce to Shopify here.

Transferring a site to another platform is necessary if you have

– the site has not been developed for a long time;

– outdated design;

– low-quality mobile version or it is not available at all;

– lack of new features;

– no integrations;

– new promotion channels are needed;

– many expensive improvements are required, which are already implemented in the new platform.

The main page consists of several blocks, and they can be changed in the desired order, turned on / off, resized, styled, etc. Blocks of the main page of the site that can be changed If you tweak the design, but after a few months of work you realize you’d like something different, it’s fixable. Change of design takes place quickly and without stopping the site.

To customize the catalog, you need to manually create a category tree, as well as import modifications and characteristics. After that, you can transfer products along with photos. Category filters can be placed either vertically on the left side of the site, or horizontally on the top. It all depends on the number of parameters for filtering. If there are a lot of them, it is better to choose a vertical option.

When the catalog is set up, you can start transferring products from the old site to the new one. There are paid and free ways to import goods. Goods are transferred free of charge in documents of YML, XML, Xls, CSV formats. They load without problems, so they do not require intervention. You need to pay for more complex situations that the developers will decide. For example, migration from the database of the old site.

After content transfer, you need to configure and test additional settings

– content of information pages;

– setting up payment and delivery options;

– discounts and promotions;

– connection of external services; currencies;

– mail settings;

– installation of external js scripts;

– social networks;

– watermarks on product photos;

– formula for generating page urls;

– availability status of goods and accounting of balances;

– cumulative discounts;

– order processing mode;

– user agreement when placing an order;

– item “Do not call to confirm the order”;

– Google invisible ReCaptcha.

Benefits of the Shopify builder platform

1. Creation of a full-fledged online store on a highly adaptive platform with a high speed of information processing.

2. Nice design created with suggested templates without having to learn programming codes.

3. Connect multiple payment options.

4. Selling digital and physical goods.

5. Integration into a single system with profiles of social networks and instant messengers.

6. Adaptability of the online store to laptops, computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

7. Use apps (over 4,000 in total) that automate the tasks of getting traffic, SEO auditing, inventory, conversions, two-way communication, retargeting, and more.

8. The presence of many instructions helps to correctly use the options offered, and in difficult moments one of the best support services in the world is used.

9. To be sure of the features offered by the platform constructor, Shopify allows 2 weeks to use the full version of the functionality for free.

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