Popular Video Games With Flirting

Flirting in video games is not something unusual or surprising today. Any good video game should have at least a hint to the flirting vibe. Besides, if you choose one of the best adult computer games, you will find that all of them have well-developed flirting options, even in online games.

Flirting means something more than a suggestion to spend time together. It is a game within a game, a perfect illusion of communication with another real person. In this list, we have collected popular video games with flirting.

Persona 5

The Persona series explores the dark corners of people’s minds and souls. The protagonists of the series need to build meaningful relations with other people. Such bonds help to fight inner demons more efficiently.

Persona 5 takes this idea to a new level. The protagonist of Persona 5 has a lot of options for building romantic relations with different girls who surround him. The better you know your team, the more efficient they become in battle. The edge of Persona 5 is that you can mess up.

Characters around the protagonist are not gonna love him from the start. He has to work on himself and choose the right words to build relationships. Besides, it takes a lot of time, both in real life and within the game, to persuade someone to date the character.

Witcher 3

Witcher 3 is the game that claimed numerous awards rightfully. It is an awesome, epic adventure in a well-made fantasy world. However, one of the most intricate aspects of the game is Geralt’s romances.

The game dives deeply into the witcher’s personal life. The main conflict is the choice between Triss and Yennefer. A player should navigate between the powerful witches and decide who will be Geralt’s partner.

Besides, Geralt is a famous ladies’ man. There are tons of options for fleeting romances between Geralt and different damsels that he meets along the path. Each of such side stories is well written and directed.

Flirting in Witcher 3 makes the whole story more believable. In a world where wizards and dragons are a mundane reality, such things as flirting, romance, and all related consequences, make the world more alive.

Mass Effect Series

The list would not be complete without the mention of Mass Effect. The cult classic RPG series by Bioware set the standard for flirting in triple-A games. The adventures of commander Shepard showed that there’s always a place for love, even in the deep, dark space.

The strong side of Mass Effect flirting is its variety. Shepard may be male or female. He has a diverse crew of men, women, and aliens. A lot of them could be potential partners for the brave captain.

Mass Effect gives immense freedom for the creation of your perfect adventure. It includes conflicts that you face and people who will support you along the way.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Fire Emblem is a series of tactical games set in the high-fantasy world. The global plot revolves around the clash of three noble houses that are placed in the title. There is not only war but also love and passion in the story.

While you navigate the world of the game, you can build up romantic relations with one of your companions. Fire Emblem flirting chooses an unconventional approach. It makes romance a part of the tactical gameplay process.

For example, if you place characters with romantic relationships next to each other, they will power up each other’s abilities. Usually, romance is just a courtesy for most of the video games that let you watch a cute cut scene. But FIre Emblem: Three Houses makes flirting and romance an integral part of tactical warfare.