Reasons, why 2*2 flat panel LED lights, are superior to traditional lighting

Have you tried to see old-fashioned traditional tube-style fluorescent hanging from your ceiling? Have you got frustrated with the repeated replacement of lightning in your workplace yet not satisfied with the brightness these lights give? Then we suggest you replace your old, glaring fluorescent with 2*2 flat panel LED lights to make your workplace more brighter and visible.

These flat panel LED lights to give the same lighting from top to bottom. That is why everything placed on shelves will be visible from a distance with a great shine and attraction. These 2*2 flat panel LED lights can be used in warehouses, malls, schools, and other workplaces where you do not want to compromise on visibility and brightness.

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Now let’s move to the topic and learn why 2*2 flat panel LED lights are superior to old-fashioned traditional lighting.

Reasons, why 2*2 flat panel LED lights, are superior to traditional lighting

When it comes to comparison, countless reasons can be made to tell that flat-panel LED is better than old-styled hanging from roof lights. But here we are going to discuss some major benefits flat panels have over old fluorescent.


Whenever you compare this aspect of lighting, flat panels are always ahead of anything. Traditional lightings have less durability and have a very less span of life too. These lights need replacement occasionally and stop working instantly. So it would be very frustrating for you when you go to your workplace after the weekend and notice one of your lights has stopped working.

Moreover, fluorescent is made up of a material that can be broken even with a little hit or pressure. These lights are not shocked province too so with a slight change in voltage, the traditional light gets burned and stops working.

2*2 flat panel LED lights to come with a longer life that is approximately 50000 hours. These lights do not stop working instantly but get less-brighter at the end of the life span. This feature gives you an idea that the life of the light is about to end and you have to replace it before it gets stopped. So you can save yourself from the frustration of instant darkness.

Flat-panel LED lights are fixed to the ceilings and are also made up of a great material that is breakproof and has high voltage resistance. This panel does not get broken even with a massive hit.

2*2 flat panel LED lights have much more benefits and features that can be very helpful for you in many terms.