How to Make a Good Impression on Your First Date

You only get one chance to make an excellent first impression.  That is why, when going on a date, it is critical to present your best self in order for things to go smoothly. You are almost guaranteed to fuel the fires of attraction and win the opportunity of a couple of dates if you are polite and considerate, show an interest in your date, and make sure they are having fun.

Here are my top suggestions for a great first date

Be Confident and Positive

Your stature plays a role in making an immediate good first impression. Walk into your date’s location with confidence, a straight posture, and a smile on your face. Do not be arrogant, but if you feel good about yourself, your personality, and your appearance, your date will sense it.

Maintain Eye Contact and Use Date’s Name

You want to make a genuine connection with your date, and there are two easy ways to do so: eye contact and name use. Making eye contact demonstrates that you are attentive and engaged, but it also aids in connecting with your date. It is also scientifically proven that people like the sound of their name, so they use it frequently.

Do Something Interesting

Plan an activity where you can both participate instead of sitting and staring at each other while trying to make conversation on your first date. Dinner and a movie are tried-and-true options, but there are dozens of others: take a long walk outside, try a new bar or restaurant, buy tickets to a sporting event, or find a quiet place to sit and watch the sunset.

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Sitting and talking for hours with someone you have just met is much pressure. Attending events or engaging in fun activities together will help you both relax, and you can set aside some time afterward for one-on-one interaction. If you plan something out of the ordinary for the date, it will be more fun and memorable.

Keep Your Phone Away

We love Facebook, WhatsApp, and Candy Crush just as much as you do, but you are engaging with another natural person in a real place. Maintain eye contact with your date and keep your phone away in your pocket or purse.

Arrive Early

Make a point of showing up when you say you will. Call your date to confirm whether you are meeting them at a pre-arranged location or stopping by to pick them up. Allow yourself plenty of time to complete any last-minute tasks before you leave. Punctuality is an essential quality because it demonstrates that you are dependable and can be trusted. Arriving late is a quick way to scupper an excellent first impression.

If possible, arrive a little early. It will show that you are taking the date seriously, but it will also allow you to become acquainted with the surroundings and mentally prepare for your introduction.

Look for similarities between you

Pick up on similarities between you and your date while you are talking. Maybe you are both dog lovers who can bond over photos of your pets or die-hard fans of the same sports team. The best way to establish a deeper connection is to emphasize what you have in common. It can also relieve some of the pressure that comes with starting a conversation because you will discover that you have more to talk about.

Learn to value your differences. If your date does not agree with you on something, do not automatically count it as a strike against them. Consider how their viewpoints affect their personality.

Concentrate on having a good time

Remember to unwind and consider the date a treat rather than an obligation. Keep your date (and yourself) amused, and do not take yourself too seriously. Immerse yourself in your conversation and turn off the part of your brain constantly calculating whether or not the date was a success. Whatever your reasons for dating are, the most important thing is that you and your date have fun together.