Reasons Why A Mother Dog Might Be Rejecting Her Puppies

Well, many people try to avoid that a mother can also reject her puppies, but it happens to be. It could happen for many reasons, and one may be that the mother herself might feel unwell. She might think that the puppy is too weak to rely on her. Also, a mother dog might lack maternal instincts. This behavior appears when a mother dog has given birth, or a few days or weeks later. Thus a dog breeder needs to look after the health of a puppy.

What are the symptoms that a mother is rejecting her puppy?

The first sign that says a mother is avoiding her puppy is an absence of licking. After giving birth to her child, a mother dog will begin to lick each of the pups. This is the sign which says that a mother dog cares for her puppies. In the language of dogs, licking is the way by which a mother claims that it’s her pup. If she does not do so, then that means she is rejecting them.

Another sign is that the mother dog stays away from her pups and spends time alone. It is usually very challenging to separate a child from a mother, but when it happens, then it means a mother dog is ignoring her pups. It is an alert for rejection.

Well, for a newborn pup, it is not always to cry and express its feeling for completing its needs. They usually spend most of their time sleeping, resting, and eating. Also, they still cuddle upon their mother’s tummy to have milk access. Puppies who got rejected do not enjoy this luxury time, and thus, they cry out very loudly when they feel starving. This is also a sign of a mother dog rejecting puppies.

Why a mother dog rejects her puppy?

If a mother dog lacks maternal instincts, then it is the primary reason why rejection occurs. It can happen due to a lower level of oxytocin, which rises during the birth time. It might happen that one puppy is not well. It might be suffering from viral or bacterial infection. It might be having some congenital disabilities. Then in such cases, a mother dog separates that puppy from all her children to save them. It might be harsh and cruel behavior, but it is the only way she could save other children from suffering from the same.

A dam might even reject a puppy when she is herself not well. She might not be able to take care of herself too. It does not mean that her motherly instincts will disappear, but it is her love for her children.

Treatment of puppy rejection in the mother dog

If someone finds that the dam is not taking care of a puppy and it is cruel to them, then he must stop that. You must take the initiative to save that puppy. You must prepare yourself to step in and take care of them. You can keep a blanket for them and hand-feed them. If you find that the mother is tired and overwhelmed and she might be rejecting her pups, then take care of her. Be prepared to aid her always. The first step towards that is to be friendly with those dogs; then only they will listen to you.

Your dam might be unwell, and she might cause rejection and would be seeking some medical advice. Some infections also need antibiotics to cure their bodies; then, a pup must not be allowed to take milk from her. The best thing you can do in such a case is to look after both child and mother as much you can.