Why Does My Dog Shake His Head All Of The Time?

A dog is a beautiful creation of a world that helps people in many situations. They are very loyal and friendly to their family members, and they also care about their owners a lot. They need some amount of training and good food that can keep them fit and healthy for life. They also need a large amount of socialization because it is helpful for them to adjust to any situation that includes a crowd of people and dogs. You have to take your dog to the doctor if they shake their head at uncounted times in a day because they must be suffering from significant problems of the ears. Dogs have many habits; either it gets caused due to their body parts, or it gets expected as routine procedures. They experience substantial issues due to ears because of dust, moisture, fly bites, and frostbite. It can cause blood collapse inside the ear, and then blood will discharge out of the ear when a dog will shake their head very instantly. 

One such habit of dogs is that they shake their heads a lot, and it gets faced by many people these days. Most dogs shake their heads because they get bothered by their ears. It is not easy for them to massage their ears by using fingers or thumbs. Then they shake their heads and get relaxed through bothered ears. 

Some of the following reasons for the habit of dog’s shaking head

  • Otitis: It is a common cause of getting this behavior of a dog. Because sometimes, dogs feel underlying allergy, which makes them get bothered about their ears, and they start shaking their heads. It is an inflammation of the external ear canal that causes Otitis, and thus they cause shaking head behavior. When the ear canal gets inflamed, then it is widespread that bacteria and yeast can attack dog ears because of the presence of moisture. You can also notice that dogs will suffer from swollen ears and red ears. You can even see a discharge of something in your ears. 
  • Ear Vasculitis: Some dogs like Jack Russell Terriers and Dachshunds can also suffer from ear Vasculitis. It is an inflammation in the pinna or ear flap of the vessels. It gets caused due to fly bites or immune disorders. It makes dogs suffer from shaking of the head and then may open up, and then they may bleed. 
  • Ear Hematomas: When tender ears of dogs slap against each other with a hard skull can cause pinna to break open. It forms a pocket of blood, which is known as a hematoma. It will create a lump under the skin of the ears, and then they will suffer from the head-shaking problem. It gets required to make their checkup because unusual shaking can be due to some jor problem in the ears. 

It is essential to check when your dog shakes their head because they feel a problem in their ears that have given above. But if they shake their head many times, then they must be feeling severe issues related to ears. It is entirely true that dogs can get affected very quickly because they have large open ears, and they do not wear anything on them. The presence of moisture and dust can cause a terrible impact on the ears of dogs, and then they shake their heads very much. It would be best if you made them check from doctors that get present near you. You can check online about doctors that treat animals because they will handle the case of your dog with care.