Reasons Why A Dog Runs Away From Home

Reasons why dogs run away from home-This often happens that most of the dogs run away from the homes and never come back. But for keeping a dog, it has become the biggest worry for the dog owners. They struggle to keep their dogs running, give them the freedom to play, and thus keep them safe too.

A dog that has run away from home may get hit by the cars, get stolen, or get attacked by other animals. They may even find a new shelter for them. To keep your dog safe, the first duty is to know why it may run from home. Here we define your particular reasons why dogs run away from home and how can you prevent it.

Reasons why dogs run away from home?

Reasons why dogs run away from home

Dogs surely act that they love us unconditionally. But somehow, they would want to run, leave a safe, dry, warm homes where they get fed up many times with attention, love, treats, toys, etc.

Looking for the mate:

Reasons why dogs run away from homeDog breed, especially male dogs, look for a mate roaming around. No matter even if your dog has a good time with you, for a mate, they may alter. These same situations might have surely happened with you too. When you want to run away from your home as you were young and the same happens with your dog also.

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Reasons why dogs run away from home

It happens that dogs do not like spending time alone in the open backyards every day. They want to explore something new, not to miss all the excitement of the world. They must be trying or to find a way to run.

Love to run:

Consider a case of Husky dog. These dogs love running away. Also, they do not even think and want to run away. Many dogs run away to have great joy in the outside world. They do not want to be in one place all the time.


This reason for running away from home would be quite funny, but you need to think about it. Do your dog is like a terrier? If it is so, then does our dog like to get into everything? Or if you have a hound dog, then does it want to sniff every scent on the earth? This does not mean that your dog wants to run away. However, when they get a smell of a rabbit or that squirrel, they are taken away.


Well, until now, we have seen some definite reasons for a dog to run away from home. But you can prevent all these. You must be an expert to understand the minds of dogs that are roaming in your house.

Make the environment interesting for your dog in the house. It does not mean that dogs do not say anything; then we should leave them alone free. Spend time with them so that they enjoy your company at most. Be cautious for your dog and provide them with an environmental enrichment for them.

Here are some suggestions for you:

Hide all the treats that a dog has to find. Let them enjoy seeing them all.

Create some interactive toys for your dog by burying their food in the sandbox. Let your dog dig it out to have food to eat.

Freeze an ice block with some tasty food inside it. Let the dog lick that ice till it gets melt.

Move outside with the dog and spend time playing with them. Play some chasing games with it so that it gets tired.