Breeds Of Dogs With Beard, Goatees, And Moustache

Dogs with beards-If someone is finding a dog that would be sporting a fashionable goatee, then it is good news for you. There are several dogs that possess not only goatees but also mustaches. As fascinating, the pooches would then think that the facial hair needs to have a bit of TLC. Many dogs even have beards along with goatee and mustaches. Here we are with the breed standard. So read out carefully about them. Keep those beards to be tidy and in order.


Dogs with beards

Schnauzers are the handsome dogs that usually come in three sizes. These can be miniature, giant, and standard. Not considering the size, these dogs even have whiskers, which are a walrus-like mustache with an irresistible beard. Slobber, water, and food might cause goatee to get discolored. Hence it is better to wipe down the dry out the beard one time in a day. Brushing of the beard is also proper that removes any food remnants.

Beard Collies

Dogs with beards

Goatee dogs come expensive. These dogs with beards always need some extra grooming and care. If you want cleanliness every time, then know what you would need before having a bearded collie. When this dog drinks, then its beard absorbs the water that will drip on the floor wherever it is moving in the house. When this dog eats, then its beard absorbs food, which will turn this dog to be smelly and dirty. Eventually, you will also become dirty as it comes close to you.

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Airedale Terriers

It is not a big deal to clean up the goatee after having a meal as cleaning the floor after drinking. But you need to spend some extra time and some extra energy on cleaning the floors if your bearded dog likes to spend time out of the house. The same is the case with Airedale Terriers. They love digging and romping in a yard. In that meantime, their beard collects debris, dirt, and occasional burr. Of course, cleaning up the dogs after outings would surely help you out to bring back the majestic looks.

Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkshire is the lovable pooches that have silky, shiny coats, and grow goatees if their body develops hair under the chin. These Yorkies are small that can fit properly under your furniture. They have better working coats and beards than an average feather duster. It helps to collect dust bunnies. Now it is up to you how long beard you want for your dog. It is ideal for keeping 4-6 inches beard.

Lhasa Apso

These dogs are also known as “Bearded Lion Dog of Tibet.” However, these dogs have a long, fluent goatee. These dogs have long and whiskers beard that often boasts for its dark tips than the whole body. It gives a unique character and a majestic appearance. Well, the head and coat take a long time to grow. When these beard dogs appear on the shows, then they look stunning on a show ring.

Other dogs with Beards

There are very few dogs that are boasting goatees, mustaches, and beards. While the different breeds of the dog that fall in the beard categories are the Australian Silky Terrier, the Puli, the Berger des Pyrenees. The Cotton de Tulear, Polish Lowland Sheepdog, the Maltese, and the Tibetan Terrier.

These all dogs are cute with beard, goatees, and mustaches. However, the only matter is to take care of the tidiness and well-ordering of the dog’s beard. It is the first and foremost step to think before having such dogs.