Which One To Have A Rottweiler or A German Shepherd?

Rottweiler vs German Shepherd-When the talk is about having a pet at your home to take care of you, then you generally think of having a German Shepherd or a Rottweiler. Both breed dogs are plentiful, and thus, they can intimidate animals and people. But do not get fooled by their athletic build that might surround these canines.

Both these dogs are strong and sturdy. They get to melt into mush when you keep them as a pet. These dogs show loyalty and thus become best friends of your kid and family members. If you educate and raise them properly, then they never forget to please you. If you are in love with these dogs, then the main question arises to choose one of the two because of similar characteristics. You can also read about Pitbull vs Rottweiler.

What do you want a Rottweiler or a German Shepherd? Here are some features that you need to learn about them.

They Love to work

Rottweiler vs German Shepherd

The first and foremost fact regarding dogs that you need to understand is that they love working. Rottweiler always forms herds to feed armies and thus move around the continent of Rome. Farmers began using canines to work as cattle to the marketplace. Rottweilers were used to pull cats that deliver the meat. As with the advancement of technology and increasing industrialization, cars and trains started moving. Now the need for dogs has been reduced.

But people started using canines of Rottweiler as a part of their personalities, looks, and attractive qualities. Rottweiler continued with the use of a service and a police dog. They were not active in military help as other dogs did.

The German shepherd had military experience even though they are herding dogs. The military used them as part of World War I and World War II as sentries and scouts. Shepherds have also acted as service dogs over the past many years. Both of these dogs are to assist blind people.

Always try to keep a working dog happy

German Shepherd Working

No matter if you have a Rottweiler or a German shepherd, you need to know what actual meaning of a working dog is. Both dogs possess a lot of energy.

It is crucial for your dog to be happy even though exercise is most essential for them too. Rotties must exercise for at least one hour a day. They also enjoy long time walks if you have time. American Kennel Club looks after them, and they make sure for two hours of exercise in a day. Try to feed your dog as if it is a treat to them. It is not exhausting; dogs love and enjoy those moments.

Rottweiler vs German Shepherd

Rottweiler vs German Shepherd

There have been significant differences between the kinds of dogs. German Shepherd and Rottweiler are not both good for first-time dog owners. German Shepherds have always been working dogs. They need a lot of exercise than any other breed else they become destructive.

Rottweiler act as a good guardian and a protector. They do not need much exercise, but then also they act as dominant dogs. They turn out to be quite stubborn when you train them.

Temperament Differences

Rottweiler Temperament

Both Rottweiler and German Shepherd turn out to be self-assured dogs to designate themselves as a leader if you do not show them you are alpha. You cannot let them walk all over you else they become destructive and dangerous. They even require a confident leader that helps spend time with them. Give your dog a job that they handle correctly to maintain a pure nature.

Size differences

Rottweiler is more significant, with an average Rottie of 110 and 135 pounds. Female Rottie dogs range from 75 to 110 pounds.

Male German Shepherds are close to 65 to 90 pounds, and females range from 50-70 pounds. Size is not only a deciding factor. A gentle Rottweiler is smaller than a rambunctious Shepherd.