Some Home Remedies for Two Common Health Issues That Affect Cats

There are some items in your space that have more use than you may know. Many of such items are used as ingredients for preparing meals and doing other things.

Understanding their other uses would help you make the most of them when the need arises. Lemon, vinegar, dish soap, citrus fruit, cedar chips, and honey are examples of such items. Some of these are items that can be used as home remedies for tackling several health issues.

Well, we have noticed how some of these items are helpful home remedies for tackling common health issues in cats. More light would be shed on this here and so you are advised to pay attention even as you read on.

Itchy and Dry Skin

Cat Dry Skin - Causes And Cures For Cat Skin Problems And Allergies

Dry and itchy skin in cats goes hand in hand a lot of times. So, you might want to pay attention to making sure your cat does not have dry skin first. This is by making sure your feline companion does not lack certain nutrients.

Nutrients such as zinc and omega-3 are rich in properties that enhance the health of a feline’s coat. So, make sure your cat is well-fed with meals that are rich in such nutrients. Other than this, below are some home remedies for itchy and dry skin:


We did explain the need to offer your cat the right nutrient to have and maintain healthy skin. One of those nutrients is omega-3 and you can get lots of it in certain oil meals. Such meals include hemp seed, fish, and flaxseed oil. You can also choose to get fish oil supplements that are high in omega-3.


Just like humans, a cat’s skin can be affected by atmospheric conditions. So, you need to make sure your feline companion has a conducive environment to thrive.

Using a humidifier will make sure your feline companion is not short of needed atmospheric moisture to maintain or have healthy skin. You are advised to take this more seriously, especially during the colder seasons.

Water and Vinegar

Some signs suggest your cat has itchy skin issues. This is especially when it is at an advanced stage. Some of the signs include the presence of dandruff and skin flakes.

You can get rid of your cat’s dandruff and skin flakes for a start by using water and vinegar. You would need a few teaspoons of vinegar added to approximately four liters of water.

You are to bathe your feline companion with this mixture and dry afterward. The results are usually instant but you might need to do this over and over again.

Consistent Grooming

One of the common causes of dry and itchy skin is the inappropriate circulation of the skin’s oil. This is bound to happen when parts of the cat’s body do not get a healthy amount of the skin’s oil.

One of the solutions is consistently brushing the cat’s fur. This simple habit will force the skin oil to circulate.

These are just a few home remedies for tackling dry and itchy skin in cats. You can visit for more on this subject.

Constipation and/or Upset Stomach

Just like the dry and itchy skin problem discussed above, both constipation and upset stomach usually work together. It usually arises due to digestion issues caused by inadequate fluids in the feline’s body.

However, there could be other causes especially if the signs include things like diarrhea and/or vomiting. You are advised to see the vet if this is the situation. This is because it could be the effect of fungi and bacteria. But if it is just about lack of fluid, you can make use of the following:

Olive Oil

Constipation is often to blame when your cat has problems excreting as smoothly as possible. As explained above, this is because the body lacks fluid. Olive oil happens to be one of the home remedies that can help in this regard.

It would help to soften the feline’s stool. You are to add it to your cat’s meal for no less than a week.

Wet Food

Wet food has a rich amount of fluid that can help your cat overcome the problem with constipation and upset stomach. The cat’s hydration would be boosted when wet food is consumed.

Meals Rich in Fiber

Fiber is a carbohydrate form that is unlike many other carbohydrate forms. Amongst other reasons, this is because of how it cannot be dissolved into sugar molecules. Well, you should know that this carbohydrate form makes it very easy for cats to excrete. This is by softening their stool.

For this reason, you should offer meals that are rich in this carbohydrate form to your cat. There are two approaches to doing this. It is either you purchase high-quality feline meals that are rich in fiber or go for human meals that are rich in fiber.

If you choose the latter, you need to be sure they are safe for felines considering the differences between the human and feline digestive systems. Some of the human fiber-rich meals that are safe for your cat include beet pulp, pumpkin, and grains.

Generally speaking, you should not offer your cat any human meal until you are sure it is safe for it. If you are interested in finding out some human meals that are safe for your feline companion, you can click here.


Other than lack of sufficient fluid, the presence of hairballs stuck in a cat’s stomach or esophagus can cause stomach upset and/or constipation. This is why consistent grooming would help as the cat’s chances of ingesting dead hair would be reduced.

On a Final Note

This article has discussed two very common health issues that affect cats and home remedies to tackle them. You are advised to make good use of this information when the need arises. This is in your feline companion’s best interest.