Top 10 Celebrities with the Most Unpopular Fashion Sense

When somebody reaches the celebrity level, you’d think that he or she knows exactly what needs to be done to look good in front of his audience. Apparently, there are a few celebrities who can’t even get the simplest details of their fashion outfit correct and others who transformed their apearance dramatically. Here are 10 celebrities that you’d wish will sign up for a fashion makeover at the soonest possible time.


10. Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke Bad Fashion Taste

This sixty something American actor and screenwriter could really use some good fashion sense. Lately, he has been running around the red carpets in sheer faux pas. Provided that he has many excuses for doing so – with his mid life crisis and all that – it still seems cruel not to even try to look good for his viewer’s sake.

9. Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Britney’s clothes always calls for a debate, then and now. From the first day she’s on spotlight, (which was years ago) to the time she has to go about her daily ways, her clothes are definitely something to watch out for – and criticize. Sure he has some good passes. But her wardrobe failures are always a couple of points ahead from her fashion successes.

8. Justin Bieber


It must have been difficult for a popular teenage boy to transition into young adulthood and still look super hot. Justin Bieber is trying too hard on that area that he ends up looking like a circus with his choice of clothes. Sometimes he goes swag, at times a rocker, and often times a pop star. Combining all those looks together could only spell disaster.

7. Lil Kim


The music industry definitely needs a lot of fashion police to hold their ground, and arrest performers who are clearly fashion offenders. With that said, Lil Kim joins the ranks of the to-watch-for fashion criminals. She loves dressing up for the stage, there’s no doubt about that. But when she’s done with getting her look together, nothing seemed right. She’s one of those performers who have got the most absurd clothing choices. Or these are all part of the popularity gimmick? If it is, she just have to try harder.

6. Jessie J


Whenever you see Jessie J, she’s always wearing those boy shorts. And yes, it gets tiring and unappealing after some time. Maybe she can get a more pleasing variation? It’s clear that she loves that look and she wants it to get stuck. But girl, we want justice for those boy shorts too.

5. Cher


If stars have to get out of the limelight at some point in their career, Cher will hear nothing of it. What she does instead is wear clothes like she’s still the hot diva from the olden days. She’s got many fabulous gowns, no doubt about that. But she’s wearing them to even the simplest occasions. The result? She’s always over dressed. Now what would fashion experts think of that?

4. Helena Bonham Carter

Helena Bonham Carter

You are very beautiful, Helena. But why do you have to cancel that off with those outrageous outfits of yours? Even your hair and makeup doesn’t look very nice. Please consider a fashion makeover. It’s never too late for a woman like you.

3. Macy Gray

Macy Gray Bad Fashion Sense

If her hair is disturbing, check out her clothes. Macy Gray tries to look good, but her efforts aren’t enough. Whether she’s out for a concert, getting ready for red carpet appearance, or what have you, she just couldn’t pull a decent look. It’s a little difficult to say if her getting a little bit out of the limelight is good for the fashion industry.

2. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has to be in this list. She has to be. With all those clothing antics she keeps on doing, she actually should be number one. But then again, we’re reserving that spot for somebody whose eerie fashion sense transcends the stage. So for that, Lady Gaga would have to settle for number 2.

1. Marilyn Manson


One look at this weird-looking fellow and you know that the good fashion days have finally seen its end. Marilyn Manson dresses like no one else. There are no codes, no rules – he just has to look as bad as possible. His fashion getup will remind you of the villains, vampires or evil itself.