Top 10 Celebrities in Life – Threatening Car Accidents

When we look at celebrities, sometimes we are tempted to think that they are above normal people. Some of them are so rich that it seems like they can have anything that money can buy. They live in high-end estates, they shop in high-end stores, they drive top of the range automobiles, they own major enterprises, and they have top cream jobs. Some of them even seem to be above the law given that they participate in unruly behavior and they get away with it.

Celebrities in Life - Threatening Car Accidents

However, when it comes to human tragedy, they are not above it all. Celebrities can also get sick, go broke, get injured, and even die. There have been numerous cases of celebrities who were seriously injured in grizzly car accidents and they lived to tell the story. For some, it plays as a revelation for them to appreciate life more while for others, it is just another adventure. Here is a list of celebrities who have survived life-threatening car accidents.

10. Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan is well known for his comedic gimmicks and life full of drama. However, he was not laughing last June when the vehicle that he was traveling in with his entourage crushed into a Wal-Mart truck killing one person while the other three sustained serious injuries. The accident left him with a broken nose, a broken leg, broken ribs, and a traumatic brain injury. The severity of his brain injury was so extensive such that his lawyer was recorded saying that he might not come back as the Tracy Morgan who he once was. However, he iscontinuing to get treatment and he is showing promising improvement.

9. Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman

It is ironic that Morgan freeman has played the role of God in multiple productions, yet he almost died in a car accident. Judging from his movies, Morgan Freeman is always cool, calm, and collected, such that we would not expect him to make mistakes especially on the road. Back in year 2008, he was cruising on a Mississippi highway when his car flipped and rolled multiple times and ended up landing upright in a ditch. He was with Damaris Meyer and they both suffered serious injuries. Because of the accident, he suffered serious nerve damages leading to paralysis on his left arm. He still wears a compression glove every now and then to help with recovery.

8. Niki Taylor

Niki Taylor

Niki is a supermodel whose life seems perfect when you look at her on the runway. However, her life has not always been a bed of roses. She survived a major car accident in 2001 when her boyfriend Chad Renegar crushed into a telephone pole. He was trying to answer his phone when their SUV veered off the road and hit the pole. Taylor suffered major injuries that left her in a coma for six weeks. Her liver was torn into two, her spine was massively crushed, and she suffered multiple internal bleeding that required multiple blood transfusions for her to survive. It took her years of physical therapy and 56 operations to rebuild her spine. She is one of the miraculous accident survivors of all time.

7. Gloria Estefan

Gloria Estefan

Looking at Gloria Estefan today, you would not tell that she has two titanium rods in her spine. Back in 1990, a semi-truck hit her tour bus on Pennsylvania highway resulting in a major crush while she was on tour. She fractured her spine and many people were speculating that she might not be able to ever walk or sing again. However, her doctors implanted two titanium rods to stabilize her spine and she underwent a year of physical therapy. She made a full recovery and within ten months, she was on tour again. Her recovery continues to be a major inspiration to many people around the world.

6. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold has numerous fans all over the world, since his movies never disappoint and the bad guys always find out that he is indestructible. In his films, he never dies from bullet wounds, he can beat up gangs of well-built men, and he seems to be able to survive anything that you throw at him. However, his real life is not so smooth. Back in 2001, he collided with a car when he was speeding on his motorcycle. He swerved as he tried to avoid a car that had stopped in front of him and the sudden halt sent him crashing chest first through its windscreen. He broke six of his ribs because of that accident. As if that was not bad enough, a car backed out in front of him five years later when he was on his bike and left him with an injury that demanded 15 stitches in his lip. Maybe the man really cannot die that easily.

5. Jason Statham

Jason Statham

Jason Statham seems like he has the stamina of five men in his films. When we see him in the Transporter sequel, we tend to think that there is no better driver in the world, and he seems to be able to survive anything without major injuries. However, during the filming of Expendables 3, he was almost killed in a stunt. He was driving a truck in stunt where he was supposed to stop at the black sea. However, the stunt went wrong and he crushed the truck in the ocean. It took lifesavers a while to retrieve him and they had feared the worst. However, he came out unscathed to the surprise of many.

4. Gary Busey

Gary Busey

Actor and Oscar Winner Gary Busey is famous for spreading awareness on the importance of helmets. In 1988, he made headlines when he crushed his motorcycle on the way from the repair shop. He skidded on gravel and flipped over the handlebars hitting his head hard on the curb. Since he was not wearing a helmet, he fractured his skull and most doctors were worried about the possibility of brain damage. He spent a month and two days in a coma and thankfully, he survived without massive brain damage.

3. Billy Idol

Billy Idol

Musician Billy idol would have starred in Terminator 2 Judgment day were it not for his near death experience. He was speeding on his motorcycle in Los Angeles back in 1990; he ran a stop sign and crashed into an oncoming car. The accident left his leg with major injuries that the doctors almost amputated it. However, he ended up with a steel rod inserted in the leg to help with mobility. Due to the multiple surgeries that he had to go through as well as physical therapy, he was replaced before the filming for terminator had begun and his role was given to someone else.

2. Erik Estrada

Erik Estrada

Erik Estrada is one of the celebrities who could have lost his life on set, but he did not. In 1979, he crushed his motorcycle on set during filming and left all his spectators shocked at the scene. He stayed in the hospital for ten days where he was treated for collapsed lungs, a broken wrist, and 12 broken ribs. The tricky part was that the show was mid-season and filming had to continue. The producers cleverly made his accident a part of the show and shot real footage of him in the hospital.

1. Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder

Stevie wonder must be one of the most resilient men that we know. The thought of living without a sense of smell and sight would leave many people discouraged and broken, but not Stevie wonder. He remains positive and as strong as ever. In 1973, Stevie was involved in a major car crash when he was on tour in North Carolina. The vehicle that he was traveling in hit a loaded logging truck in a massive crush. The back of the truck hit Stevie’s windshield allowing a log to crush through and hit Stevie on the head. The impact was so bad such that he was in a coma for four days. However, he managed to recover but he lost his sense of smell. He bounced back in the industry and he was performing in concerts from 1974.