Top 10 Countries with the Most Expensive Internet Service

Providing a very accessible internet connection to everyday users is the challenge of today’s world. As a matter of fact, it was predicted that sometime in the future, internet service will fade into the background. This is because people will become so used to having it all the time. But in the meantime, there are countries where access to the world wide web is still scarce. As a result, internet service can be very expensive. Here’s a rundown of countries where you can expect to pay top dollars for internet access.


10. Malawi

Average monthly fee: USD $48.10


There are several internet providers in Malawi but users are complaining of very high monthly service fees. Even after the International Undersea Fibre Communications project was completed, the internet rates remained the same. Users are yet to experience the effect of the new connection as far as their monthly bills are concerned.

9. Mali

Average monthly fee: USD $50


Because of the communications infrastructure in this African country is still considered to be underdeveloped, it is not surprising to find their name listed here. Mali’s top internet provider is Orange Mali. Those who think that paying USD $50 monthly is too much a price for a regular internet connection should better try the prepaid service instead, which charges $0.38 per MB.

8. Afghanistan

Average monthly fee: USD $53.50


War-torn Afghanistan wasn’t able to enjoy full internet access until after 2002. The ban on the use of the internet was declared by the previous Taliban government for its anti-Islam materials. After the internet usage was restored, providers started to build systems in the country to give service. However, the rates are too steep that most of the users were college students who get their connection from the university.

7. Mozambique

Average monthly fee: USD $58.50


The SEACOM submarine cable did so much in lowering down the expensive internet fees that subscribers are paying for in Mozambique. However, the reduction was not enough to get them off this list. The 1.1 internet users of this African nation are still among the ones who are paying the most expensive monthly bill in the world.

6. Niger

Average monthly fee: USD $63


Of all the African nations, Niger is one of the most active internet users. There are almost 45 million users in this country, despite the fact that they have to pay over USD $60 a month for a regular connection. And even quite interestingly, the number of online users from this country is still increasing.

5. Madagascar

Average monthly fee: USD $63.7


Traveling to Madagascar on an exotic, Saharan jungle adventure shouldn’t be a problem for online users. While there is no shortage of internet cafés in the urban zone, you are likely to pay a very steep price for usage. Being a poor nation, internet connection isn’t the top priority of the government. Even so, people should be thankful that they can get access to the worldwide web should the need to do so.

4. Sao Tome & Principe

Average monthly fee: USD $116.8

Sao Tome & Principe

Also an African nation, Sao Tome is one of those places where you have to shell out over USD $100 for a month’s worth of internet connection use. This beautiful island nation is a popular travel destination. But travelers would have to settle for the internet access provided by the hotel. However if you decide to stay for longer than a vacation, prepare yourself for a huge investment for online communications.

3. Papua New Guinea

Average monthly fee: USD $185.6

Papua New Guinea

Though users are paying a very steep price for a regular internet service, Papua New Guinea users still experience erratic connection at times. But their almost 150,000 users would have to make do with the country’s four major fixed broadband players.

2. Solomon Islands

Average monthly fee: USD $259.20

Solomon Islands

If you can’t imagine paying for a monthly internet service cost that could easily reach $300 at any time, you have to stay clear of Solomon Islands. Although a beautiful island nation, this country would have to do something about their too expensive online access.

1. Cuba

Average monthly fee: USD $1,760.40


It’s surprising that in Cuba internet charges is over a thousand dollars each month. This is because online use is highly controlled in this country. You may say that you’re among the elite few who can access the internet at your home if you were ever approved for a line for a very ridiculous price.


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