10 Most Commonly Committed Crimes around the World

Crimes have always been the major problem of many nations. Those who bend the laws are tagged as criminals and were ought to be put in jail. Though there are stiff penalties for doing a crime, there remain to be a certain number of people who commit them. The crimes that most people from around the world are most guilty of are:


10. Domestic Violence

10. Domestic Violence

While domestic violence is likely to occur between spouses, cases wherein children or other family members were harmed or physically abused is also considered as an act of domestic violence. Domestic violence is a very delicate crime, especially for children, as it leaves a permanent mental impression on them. Studies show that the children who were abused young tend to lean into alcoholism or drug addiction as they grow up.

9. Rape


Rape is a crime commonly committed against women, although many men have declared being sexually abused as well. Rape is a horrible crime because it explicitly shows the overpowering of a person’s will against another. However, only around 25% of rapists end up in jail, as many victims chose to be mum about their predicament or worse, forgive their perpetrator.

8. Fraud


Upon the arrival of the internet, cases of fraud became even more prevalent. Online racketeering became a major problem around the world, on top of the usual doings of scrupulous individuals elsewhere. Banking and ATM frauds are most common, followed by education, business, and investment scams.

7. Prostitution


Prostitution is among the crimes whose principal perpetrator is a woman. While there are male prostitutes as well, the issue of a woman selling sex for a living is much more common. However, it is also true that there are countries around the world where such a trade is legal. But for those where it is not, law enforcers tend to charge both the prostitute and her customer for the same crime.

6. Murder


Provoked or unprovoked, murder remains to be one of the most severe crimes ever committed against another person. If you take away somebody else’s life regardless of the reason, it’s murder. The criminal have to be taken to jail until after his case was tried and decided in the court. There’s a possibility that one will walk away with murder, but it will be the jury or the judge who has the last say on that. Guilty or not, the utter disregard for life remains to be a very heinous crime.

5. Robbery


Robbery is a violent crime because it involves hurting people, whether physical, emotional or mental, in the process of taking what rightfully belongs to them. Mugging is robbery. Sticking up a convenience store is robbery. These crimes are very common in the world over. And sadly, everyone can be a victim. Protecting one’s self against these crimes is highly encouraged.

4. Illegal Drugs

Illegal Drugs

Crimes related to illegal drugs are one of the world’s worst problems. The selling and using of these drugs are highly prohibited by the law as doing so could lead to another crime. The mere possession of illegal drugs is punishable by law. However, drugs are considered as precious commodities in the underworld. Huge money is always associated with them. These are the reasons why drug dealing is a major headache for many countries around the world.

3. Traffic-related Crimes

Traffic-related Crimes

Traffic-related crimes are not mere violations of the traffic light or signs. These crimes involve accidents that are usually committed by people who are drunk and driving. Cases of hit-and-run, which involve a motorist hurting a pedestrian and running away from the consequences, are also rampant crimes that need to be controlled.

2. Assault


If you physically hurt another person, that’s assault. You’ll be charged with a crime and for all the damages that your actions have caused. Assault is usually triggered by anger or another crime. This is the most common issue in places where people do not trust the law enforcement to serve justice for them. Instead, they have decided to take the law into their own hands.

1. Theft


The most common crime committed around the world is theft. This is a crime against the property so it is not as violent as robbery. But they essentially mean the same thing. Theft is usually triggered by a person’s economic condition. It comes in different types, like motor vehicle theft, which is very common in the United States. Elsewhere, theft committed through home or office invasion is rather widespread.