Top 10 Countries with the highest Recorded Crime Rate

One study says that the crime rate of a certain country says a lot about its economic stability and development. There are many government programs and non-profit organizations that campaigns to stop violence and crime all over the globe. The United Nations accumulates data every year to tally the crime rate of each country all over the globe. Here are the top ten countries with the highest recorded crime rate in the year 2014.


10. Ethiopia


Ethiopia is a relatively small country but has a very high crime rate. In one report, it says that there are over 2000 Ethiopians being murdered by terrorist attacks. 1200 people are listed as domestically abused, raped and physically violated. Road accidents are also very common in this country.

9. Korea


Korea has always been a country that can easily provoke war. Both North and South Korean governments are very sensitive and defensive of their borders. They are sending a lot of military people on the front line to protect their land. There are also internal policies and laws that are very strict, and thus, the high crime rate. There are many protestors that fight some internal matters and its people can be aggressive too.

8. Uganda


This country actually garnered the highest rate of murder. It was once reported that at one time murder has reached 92% in this very small country, almost like genocide.  There are also a lot of reported street crimes including theft, assault and rape. For years, the country’s crime rate is steadily increasing.

7. Zambia


Zambia is a poor country that lacks an education system. It also has a very low economy, which is one of the biggest reasons why it has a high crime rate. Because of non-education, majority of its people are unemployed. The lack of jobs and education increasingly caused this country to be chaotic.

6. Italy


Italy, although a developed country and with a good high standing in economy, has surprisingly doubled up its crime rate compared to last year. Italy is full of beautiful places and tourists spots yet the government failed to create and implement laws that can support a more peaceful situation. Its most threatened sectors are women who are living in Southern Italy who are reported to be abused, raped, and murdered.

5. South Africa

South Africa

South Africa is rich in famous tourist lands and exotic animals. It is a common go-to country for travelers and adventure seekers. But it is also a place where crimes abound including theft, rape and robbery. Its crime rate increased to 70% over the last year. Sadly, it is the foreigners living or visiting the country that are often targeted by street crimes.

4. Poland


Poland is a mix of a number of cultures. This country is also a place for petty theft and other street crimes. In a report, there is 0.5 million victims of streets crimes in the country. Mafia is still dominant in Poland and there are gang-related crimes all over its main cities. The usual crimes are gang violence as well as robbery and rape.

3. Germany


Germany is a very advanced country. It has a number of highly technical defense weapons and security operations. But still, Germany has a very high crime rate.  Crime is often led by a syndicate group or a network of high power crime lords. The government is challenged to have these crime groups shut down before it puts the country in complete chaos.

2. Canada


Canada is a very developed country with a good economy. It is one of the highly acclaimed countries in the globe but sadly it falls at number#2 in the list of top countries with a high crime rate. Most of the unlawful acts in the country include murder, robbery and rape. Smuggling also proved to be very hard to combat.

1. United States of America

 United States of America

USA is one of the most powerful countries of the world. It has been the world leader in so many aspects but the people in the country are still suffering from crimes- small and serious ones. The crime rate of USA has sparked to 73% compared to 2013. Street crimes are abundant, hate-related crimes, road accidents. Rape and smuggling are also some of the top crimes in the country.

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