Top 10 daring things to do in an utterly boring class

No matter how much fun we have at work, at school, or pretty much anywhere, eventually we all get bored to our bone marrows time and again. Pretty much everyone gets bored every day. But it’s the students who are always at the top when it comes to be shamelessly bored. They go hand in hand, like butter and bread… an inevitable match!

Now the typical things we do in a boring class depend on how bored we actually are. We may daydream, doodle, or take a nap fashioning out one badass drool bubble just to kill the time. But lets not talk about the usual, lets talk about something that is way beyond the realms of taking a mere nap in a boring lecture. Well, here are 10 such dare defying things you can do in a irrevocably, naggingly and shamelessly boring class.

10. The Blow Horn Guy

Bring a blow horn with you and use it to answer when the teacher ends up asking you any question. “Hey Sam, who won the Second World War?” and you roar out loud, “I THINK IT WAS THIS BIG BUNCH OF ZOMBIES, SIR!”

And that just earned you a week of detention!
And that just earned you a week of detention!

Now that you have given enough panic to the eardrums of pretty much everyone in the class, please feel free, nah… be morally obliged to do a blow horn call to the guy in the corner and ask him to pass over that extra pen he had.

9. The candy man (or woman)

Right when the teacher is busy writing down some unwittingly crazy equations on the board, take out a candy and unwrap it slowly but as noisily as possible. Now count your stars that the teacher notices this and ends up saying something on the line of “I hope you have brought enough for everyone in the class.”

Yesss..! You got some pretty strong stars there..!
Yesss..! You got some pretty strong stars!

Now take out a pack of candies, and pass it on to everyone in the class. LIKE A BOSS! And if the teacher did not ask any such question, well, you still have an entire pack of candies, don’t you?!

8. The Sniffer

This is where you pull off your acting talents! Be sure to sit in the first row. Right when the teacher starts speaking, sniff vigorously eyeing the teacher with suspicion. Once you have sniffed in enough puffs, tell your teacher you feel like your smelling sense have heightened 10 folds, and ask him if he has been drinking!

Wait, what is Yoda doing here?!

But don’t stop there. Keep on smelling throughout the class, and then stare towards someone saying “I smell a freshly ripped pack of cheerios”.

7. Do a British Accent 

Or at least you can try to fake one! The moment your teacher enters the class, go full retard the British way. “Why hello there good sir! I am chuffed as nuts to see you humbly jumbly as her Majesty’s watermelon!” “Me lady, ye are such dog’s bollocks and Bob’s ye uncle!”

That expression: Mission accomplished!

And then slang some awesome talk with your friends. “Ye know what mate, Me an me mates were walkin’ down the pavement, smokin’ fags when we saw a slag come off a lift lookin’ for a loo.” Hilarity ensues!

6. The Yoda Talk

Yoda not just looked badass, but he talked like one too. If the class is going too boring, doodle around like you are paying no attention. If the teacher picks you to answer some question, say “Go to the beach with an Elephant, so did the Rhino… Hmmm!”

Save you from your teacher, only god can, now!
Save you from your teacher, only god can!

If your teacher does not find this even mildly amusing, go on to say “Oh so very boring, I find this class… Oh yes!” and then scoot off for the love of your life.

5. The one with handcuffs

Walk in the class late and in HANDCUFFS. Yes, you read that right! And address to everyone saying that you are sorry for being late. And that you just broke out of this maximum security prison to attend this awesome class. If the teacher finds all this rather amusing, do your best to emphasize on how much of a badass you are!

Don't do a face cuff though. Face cuff is overkill!
You just did a face cuff overkill!

4. The Seducer

Now this is the one where you might get some weird consequences. Once the teacher starts the class, keep on staring at him with this hungry look in your eyes. Just don’t take off your eyes off. And then start staring at their private parts.

That's what we are talking about!
Now that is more like it!

To take the dare to a whole new level,whenever the catches you staring, lick your lips. Now this will totally freak out your teacher. But in the meantime, make sure your friends know what you are doing. Otherwise, it will just get even weirder!

3. The Cosplayer

Now this one is rather strong dare. First you got to dress up into your favorite superhero costume. To make the matters simpler, try putting on a Spiderman or Batman mask. Superman’s cape thing will make it even more epic. And if you really are the guy who can dare it on the highest, how about the classic read underwear outside the pants thingie.

And we all agree..!
And pretty much everyone agrees..!

Don’t forget to do the superhero voice while answering those questions from your teacher. One can only imagine the  Batman gargle voice from the dark knight. “Yes ma’m, the value of Pi is three point one four one five nine two”. “No sir, I can walk out of this class whenever I want, because I am Batman!”

2. Chop the Timber

Now you will have to include pretty much everyone in the class for this. When the teacher starts to take attendance in the class, instead of saying “Yes Ma’m” when she calls out your name, everyone say “Chop”. For the beginning to the last person, just keep on saying Chop. And then comes the best part.

And everyone on the floor!
And everyone on the floor!

Once she is done with the attendance, everyone stand up, yell out in a deafening roar “THE TIMBERRRRR!!” and fall out of your places on to the floor. Now that is some way to kick start any class!

1. The one where you get serious

Now it is the reality check time. We keep on moaning about how lame some classes are. Well, maybe a very few of them indeed are hopelessly boring and can’t be helped, but the truth is most of them are never duller when we try to sit there and listen paying some attention. Sadly, this happens to be the most daring thing to do for guys who take a mere 5 seconds to doze off.

Who knew this could be fun!
Who knew this could be fun!

So how about actually writing down some notes, trying to understand them and (Jesus Christ!) dishing out some relevant questions at times. You won’t believe how fast the time will fly by, and you will actually be learning new stuffs!