Top 10 Tattoos of 2014

Tattoos are simple expressions of one’s art or ideologies. The year 2014 has been a witness to quite a number of popular tattoos, as donned by tattoo fans, followers, and even celebrities. The top 10 tattoo designs of 2014 are listed below.


10. Portrait Tattoo

10. Portrait tattoo

The tattoo artists of this generation are undoubtedly more talented than ever. Many of them were able to duplicate the portrait of some famous people on a person’s skin. So in case you want to pay homage to a well-known fellow or a highly revered friend, just bring a good photo of him or her to your tattoo artist and he will do the rest.

9. The World Map

9. World Map

For some reason, the map of the world became one of the most popular tattoos of 2014. These are mere outlines, although some get them in full color, which you may find on just about any other body part – the arms, legs, wrist, back or elsewhere. The tattoo fans’ fascination of the world map could have stemmed for everyone’s love for travel. Some people start off with just the world map outline then fill each part with colors as they visit that location. That’s a cool way of getting yourself on track.

8. Head Mandalas

8. Head Mandala

If you consider yourself bolder than anybody else when it comes to tattoos, wearing a head manadala will definitely come natural to you. These are the tattoo of the famous funk artists who decide to shave their heads off just to get a good tattoo in. If you’re already bald then this tattoo may be perfect for you. You just have to deal with a little bit of extra pain during the inking process.

7. Arrows

7. Arrow

Regardless if you’re an archer, a plain arrow lover, or otherwise, then this tattoo is for you. There are tons of designs to choose from starting with the traditional Indian arrows all the way to the more complicated Aztec designs. Wear one and zip through the air like an arrow.

6. Bottom of the Feet Tattoo

6. Bottom of Foot Tattoos

Do you want to get a tattoo but want to hide it from other people’s preying eyes? Well, Miley Cyrus just found the perfect place for one – at the bottom of your feet. Cara Delevingne thinks so too. So if you want to go with this insanely famous celebrity tattoo trend of 2014, get out there and go for it.

5. Roman Numerals

5. Roman Numerals

Do you have a favorite number that you would like to turn into a tattoo? Then don’t go for the digits. Use Roman Numerals. It’s sexier and more mysterious. Many stars do it to remember a very important date in their lives – or something as trivial as their birthday.

4. Character Tattoo

4. Character Tattoo

Who’s your favorite character this 2014? Chances are, there’s already a tattoo made for him. Characters like Star Wars, Lego and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were quite famous this year. But for the girly choices, Hello Kitty tattoos are still popular. Don’t be afraid to get one. It’s time to bring out the child in you.

3. Glyphs

3. Glyphs

Have you seen those small, mysterious tattoos that seem to be a logo of something? Well, they’re not cult marks so don’t worry. Chances are, they’re glyphs. Glyphs are elemental symbols that represent an agreed meaning. Many tattoo fans take them as a way to express their own values, actions, and disciplines. Now you know why these tattoos are famous. Check each symbol’s meaning. You might want one for yourself.

2. Eyes

2. Eyes tattoo

Eye tattoos are a classic. These are popular then and they are still right now. If you want to make others believe that you can see what’s behind your back then by all means draw an eye tattoo right there. But there are some other popular places for these tattoos, like the hand, wrists, shoulders and on the eyes itself.

1. Hummingbirds

1. Hummingbird

You wouldn’t believe it but quite a number of people, including men, are fascinated by the hummingbird tattoo. For many of them, these tattoos bring in happiness, joy, and love. The wonderful image of a hummingbird on your skin – whether it is in full color or otherwise – will make you feel like you’re in paradise where everything feels all right.