Different Types Of Dog Breeds

How many types of dogs are there? Dogs are brilliant and beautiful that gets loved by many creatures as well as humans. It is an excellent factor that many people like to keep dogs in their homes as their family members. It is a significant feature that every family needs some smart dogs as their member that helps in protecting them. There are many types of dogs breed in this world, but some of them are family suitable, and some others are not good for any family. It becomes challenging to handle every dog breed at home because every dog breed has a different food quantity and aggressive nature.

 It is essential to find a dog that is not much aggressive and listens to every command of their owner very quickly. Every dog requires a large amount of training because it is essential to socialize them according to family livings; otherwise, they can prove to a very harsh dog. Dogs do not have a feeling for anyone until someone starts caring about them. They are very loving, attractive, and understanding of every condition around society. There are many smart dogs, and you can quickly get to know about them by reading the following types of dogs. 

Different types of dogs

Border collie:

Types of dogs

These breed of dogs are very energetic and loving because they do not hesitate about anything. They listen to their owners very quickly and show their love to owners for a long time. However, Collie is one excellent working dog that can perform various tasks. They have great potential for herding a ship, and they can perform multiple athletics tasks. 


types of dogs

It is the world’s seventh most famous dog breed that is very smart and intelligent. Poodles are adorable and active dogs that have the great benefit of being hypoallergenic. It gets found that Poodle gets used to performing many intelligent tasks. They can discover any hiding presents, and they can track or hunt any creature. 

German shepherd:

Types of dogs

German shepherd are the world’s very famous smart dogs that have high intelligence. These dogs get used in many military tasks as well as police tasks. German shepherd can find any person by smelling their clothes. Shepherd is a very smart dog, surprising, confident, and courageous dog that helps in performing specialized situations of police. A German shepherd is a very high family dog because they love their family very much, and they are also good with children. They need to get socialized because they can harm any person to prevent their owner from danger. 

Golden Retriever:

Types of dogs

This dog is a very famous and intelligent creature that is an excellent devotion to sports. Golden is somewhat similar to a German shepherd and likes to perform various police-related tasks. It gets said that Golden has a very light heart, and they do every job from their true nature. They can never break anyone’s trust, and they perform every single work by their knowledge as well as intelligence. They are very trustworthy and loyal dogs that never fail in performing large tasks. 

Doberman pinscher:

Types of dogs

Doberman pinscher is a very speedy dog that can perform a task in a single second because of its endurance and strengthening power. They can get trained very quickly for performing any police of war tasks. They are best to guard dogs, which can protect their family from any evil person. 

Shetland sheepdog:

types of dogs

It is one of the miniature working dogs that can perform various intelligent and useful works at any time. They like to play with kids and adult humans because of their playful nature. Shetland is very grateful to learn different tricks from their owners at any time.