Understanding Big Buck Hunter: Marksman

There are various ways you can make extra money for your daily expenses. Perhaps, one of the best ways is to play legit cash games. These games can pay you real cash by simply playing them. One of the most popular mobile games is the Big Buck Hunter, Marksman. This game brings some of the popular arcade series to your screen and gives cash prizes to the players. 

If you have once spent some cash playing Big Buck Hunter at any local arcade, then this is your chance to make some money with Big Buck Hunter: Marksman. You should note that this app allows you to earn actual money for hunting virtual deer, though you need to be a better shooter than your opponent. This article discusses Big Buck Hunter: Marksman.

Big Buck Hunter: Marksman

Big Buck Hunter: Marksman is a reputable app that you can access on an iOS device through the App Store. You can also have it on your Samsung device through the Galaxy Store. This app is the continuation of the Big Buck Hunter series that was quite popular in arcade venues, though this one allows you to play the game directly from your mobile device.

Play Mechanix developed this app, which is a game developing company that is based in Illinois. The company also has some arcade games like Big Buck Hunter Reloaded, Minecraft Dungeons, Jurassic Park Arcade, and many more.

Big Buck Hunter: Marksman is one of the skill-based games that you can find on the Skillz games platform. You should note that Skillz works with game app developers to provide ways users globally can play in tournaments to win cash prizes. The platform has billions of tournaments with millions of players. 

How Big Buck Hunter: Marksman works

If you have played any other hunting games offered by Big Buck, there is a chance that this mobile version may appear similar. When you download the app and create an account, you can decide to play different game modes. 

Remember that each game mode is quite similar because you have to compete against opponents to determine who can get higher combined scores through virtually shooting bucks in various hunting locations. Also, you can get bonus points depending on several factors, including how many bucks you shoot, the accuracy of the shots, the number of bucks you shoot in a row, and many more. Head shots and heart shots are usually effective and give extra points, while non-heart and non-head shots may give no points unless you have enough to take down the buck. Shooting a doe can also take away from your score.

The good thing is that the game is quite simple and straightforward to play. To aim down your sight, you need to press and hold on your screen, which can slow time for you. You can then drag your finger across your screen to aim and line up the shot. Once you decide to take a shot, you have to release the finger to fire. On the other hand, if you desire to cancel the shot, you can swipe down on your screen. Take note that you just have a couple of seconds for you to take a shot at the buck before your scope time can run out, and the aim is reset. 

And once you first begin playing, you can have access to some different game modes. There is an entry fee to play for each game mode regardless of whether you are using cash balance or Z coins. Playing games utilizing Z coins applies to the free version of this game, but you can also add to the cash balance when you win enough games. But if you wish to play cash games so that you can win actual cash, then you need to deposit your money or even refer friends to play.

There are several game modes you can find in Big Buck Hunter: Marksman. One of them is the practice mode that allows you to play against an opponent utilizing Z coins for the chance to win prizes like Z coins, league medals, and tickets. 

There is also a head-to-head game mode that requires you to play against an opponent using your cash balance. The balances for this game mode include league medals, tickets, and cash. If you want to play several other players, then you can use brackets game mode. You can use your cash balance for the opportunity to win prizes like league medals, tickets, and cash. Alternatively, you can use events mode to participate in timed matches against other players, usually utilizing your cash balance for the chance to win tickets and cash. 

When you play enough games, which is often at least three games, you are automatically entered into leagues. You should remember that these are ongoing competitions against other players that may also have played an adequate number of games. The league players can compete for a pool of prizes during a specific period.

Winning different game modes usually gives you medals. When you win medals, you can improve your league’s rankings. And leagues can be separated into practice and pro rankings, though this depends on the type of game modes you want to play. The league’s pro rankings apply to the cash modes and provide cash prizes. On the other hand, the league’s practice ranking applies to the non-cash modes and gives Z coins as prizes.

Technically, Big Buck Hunter: Marksman is a gambling game because it allows you to deposit and win real cash. Therefore, a person who is at least 17 years old and older can download it from the App Store. But the Skillz platform allows only people who are aged 18 years old and older to contest in Skillz games. 

The app usually rewards the players who have the most skills with the best prizes. Therefore, you can win Z coins or real money. There is also the chance that you may not win anything. Hence, you need to practice so that you can improve your skills before you decide to deposit money to play the cash modes.