Various Genres of Easy Accessible Online Games in the 21st Century

Gaming and computer technology are intrinsically linked, and their growth is in tandem with each other. Around the mid-20th century, computers were elusive, and so was the gaming culture hereafter; the technological advancements and the birth of the internet paved the way for interactive games.

Online games and the internet have dramatically changed the way people access games. Today, we can play games on our phones, tablets, laptops, and TV.

The popularity of online games has also increased because of social media, as it is a great way for gamers to interact with each other and get more viewers. In addition, more gamers are purchasing digital copies of their favorite games instead of physical copies, which means that brick-and-mortar stores are losing out on a lot of revenue from used game sales.

Have you ever thought about how difficult it would have been for physically disabled people to move out and play video games? Online gaming has come up with a potential solution for disabled people to experience games that require physical movement and motor skills. The online gaming industry has killed boredom in physically disabled and traditional gamers. Following are the fields of easily accessible online games:

Massive Multiplayer Online Games

MMOG is the most viable and trendiest online gaming genre, where hundreds or thousands of people play simultaneously by connecting their gaming consoles, PCs, or smartphones to the same server. Herein, gamers can enjoy combat, racing, role-playing, strategic, and other subgenres. Despite being a multiplayer game, they have AI-controlled characters employed as Non-Player Characters.

With the available payment option, MMOGs curtail the difference between the virtual and real world by providing the choice of earning and collecting game money from real currency. MMOGs are often confused with LAN Based Non-MMOG games which support only up to 50 players per server. Grand Theft Auto, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Lord of The Rings, and Star Wars: The Old Republic are some trending MMOGs adrenalizing the players.

Online Casino Games

Online casinos preserve the option of remunerative work for telecommuters to earn a few extra bucks through a game of chance. They provide a variety of addictive online games and ease of betting at home.

Folks pick online casinos because of the extra rewards it provides, and it’s a better alternative for those, who are trying to refrain from smoking and drinking, customarily under peer influence end up doing it at places like casinos.

In addition to easy access from home, they also render options for lower bets than Land Based Casinos. People who do not enjoy socializing; can be guests of online casinos that apprise with games like Bingo, Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, and Craps. For more ideas on casino games, you can visit


The FIFA game series, a football simulation game, is a competitive scoring game. Though an arcade game, it is much more realistic than traditional arcade games but at the cost of speed that owes to its accuracy. The first team to attain the highest number of goals is declared the winner.

Apart from soccer, there are other sports games like basketball, baseball, volleyball, hockey, and wrestling. The players are often their team leaders in the game, which helps them develop their sports management skills by creating different winning strategies.

Battle Royale Games

Battle Royale games are survival games that employ the hunting and exploration skills of the players. It starts with minimum supplies, and players must search for equipment while confined in a safe zone. To win the game, the player has to survive till the end of the game and eliminate other players. Famous examples of these games are PUBG: Battlegrounds, Call of Duty, and Fortnite.

The reason for the popularity of these games is they start with all players in the same vulnerable state and eliminates any extra advantage for players. They can be played on laptops, gaming consoles, and mobile devices. Players are given only one life, and those characters who are about to die can revive themselves with time. The game ends when there is only one last player or team left remaining. The most important feature is the random nature of player matching during the game.

Battle royale games have been gaining popularity in recent years, with many more variations on the original game appearing on different platforms. This is because they are simple to play, require little time investment and offer an adrenaline rush for those who like playing competitively.

Real-Time Shooter

Real-time shooter games are a genre of video games, typically involving action and shooting, in which the game does not progress in turns. Games in the genre usually occur on some battlefields, such as a room or city street.

Players are generally on the offensive or defensive, with one team trying to reach a certain point or capture a particular objective while the other team tries to stop them. Players can choose from various weapons that vary between games and may have access to power-ups and armor abilities that allow players to become more powerful as they continue playing. While most real-time shooter games have traditionally been single-player experiences, some titles are now capable of supporting online multiplayer gameplay.

The introduction of real-time shooter games has changed the way we play games. It has had an enormous impact on the game industry as well.

Furthering Online Gaming with Virtual Reality

Artificial Intelligence finds its use for guiding the Non-Player Characters in online games, making the levels more difficult by tracking the user information regarding the time the player plays the game and what part of the game is causing difficulty to the player.

It shapes the games for the user, making them more enjoyable. The games will become more challenging when the Non-Player Characters are intelligent, and these characters learn from the user’s previous behavior and respond differently to the user. FEAR, STALKER, and Starcraft II are games that incorporate Artificial Intelligence to enhance their gameplay experience.