What You Should and Shouldn’t Do While Advertising For A Yard Sale

Planning a yard sale is not an easy task. You have to keep in mind many things while getting all the things organized. The main thing you need to do first is to think out ways to advertise the sale. You have to let the people know about it, or else you will end up selling nothing. You can print an ad in the local newspaper or circulate leaflets. But having a yard sale sign is a must for the occasion. While choosing signage, you should follow some guidelines regarding what to be done and what shouldn’t be done. Read on to know more.

What you should do

  • Place signs near the chosen site. The sale signs will draw the attention of drive-by customers. The news will spread by word of mouth. They will also help the people to find the spot.
  • Pick neon colors as the background of the poster boards. Convey the message by using thick bold black letters. They are much more prominent and can be easily spotted than boards that have a white background.
  • Use several signs for directing the way to the shoppers. You can also place them in the busiest area of your town or near a well-known landmark. Place the signs that you are going to use as direction markers at each turn along the way. Marking them with thick black arrows will make it easy for the drivers to follow the direction. Mark the venue with final yard sale signs.
  • If you place the sale signs at a higher place, they often get unnoticed by the people driving by. Keeping them at eye level will allow everyone to notice it.
  • If it’s allowed, try pasting the signs to the utility posts or street signposts.
  • You can use decorative items like balloons to add a festive feel to the event.
  • After placing the signs, make sure that they are readable to both the walkers and drivers-by.

What you shouldn’t do

  • Do not make the signboards look cramped up by providing all the details of the sale altogether. Be very specific while mentioning the information. Limit them to the basics.
  • Avoid fancy fonts. They may look decorative but are hard to read.
  • Before placing the signs on the utility posts or street signposts, be aware of the regulations. If you are charged with a fine, it will take away all the profits you might have earned in the yard sale.
  • Do not put the sign in front of the venue on the day before the sale. Else you might have some unwanted people bothering you on the wrong day.
  • Once you are done with the yard sale, take away the signs to avoid confusion among the people.

What information to include in the sign

The necessary information that you must include while printing the signs are –

  • The venue address
  • The date
  • The time
  • Postal zip code
  • Nearest landmark

If you have advertised in any online portal, you can also share your location with interested people.


If you can take care of these things, surely your yard sale will be a great success.