10 Most Ridiculous Science Inventions

People have a lot to thank the modern scientists for. With their inventions making lives better, there’s really no amount of monetary grant can compensate their efforts. However, there are science inventions that can be classified as downright pointless, ridiculous and funny. Read on and be amused.

10. Magnetically Attached Templeless Eyewear

glasses The inventor of this special eyewear believes that it is important to skip the temples altogether when wearing eyeglasses. Because he believes that the eyewear against the temple may cause facial creases and discomfort, he found a way to attach the eyeglasses through a magnetic device to be placed near the wear’s ears. That way, both the ears and the temples were placed out of the harm’s way. No more worries about wearing eyeglasses all the time. Come to think of it, I think he just complicated the otherwise very simple eyewear setup.

9. Curved Barrel Machine Gun

Curved Barrel Machine Gun If you’re in a war, you might think owning a curved barrel machine gun is cool. For one, it allows you to shoot around the corners. But then again, you need full mind presence to realize that your gun isn’t intended for shooting straight or you might hit something else. That means you also have to bring the traditional straight weapon with you too. Maybe this gun is better used in a movie set than in a real war scenario.

8. Baby Stroller with Scooter

Baby Stroller with Scooter Busy moms and dads with babies who need to complete an errand fast may this science invention helpful. But then again, it can be dangerous equipment. Imagine yourself scooting the streets with your baby on its stroller. That’s the whole idea of this invention. Your child may like the fast ride. But promise your little one that you’re going to be a careful driver.

7. Air Conditioned Shoes

Air Conditioned Shoes If you think your shoes are too hot, try this science invention. It won’t only give you extra air from your soles to your toes as it is intended to pass off as a luxury item owner. Yeah, that’s how they intend to sell this product – it’s only for the accomplished executives. But then again, you need not be rich to put holes in your shoes, right? And what will happen if the pavement gets wet from the rain?

6. Illuminated Tires

Illuminated Tires Goodyear actually developed these tires for the show. Invented in 1961, this premiere tire company created a special type of synthetic rubber that can be illuminated by brightly lit bulbs mounted inside the wheel rims. This is a very stylish invention indeed, although completely pointless.

5. Hair Hat

Hair Hat Going bald? Then try wearing a hair hat. This one will give your top extra growth. However, it is only good for the pictures. If you’re walking down the street with a hair that resembles carpeting, you’ll surely attract more attention than you wanted. And if you accidentally forgot that you’re wearing a hair hat and took it off…

4. Shower Hood

Shower Hood Do you need to go to the shower but wouldn’t want to ruin your hair and makeup? Well this science invention of 1970 may do you good. If you put it on, it will keep your hair and face dry. Maybe it’s intended for the models and actresses back then who need to run from one event to another and still feel fresh. It can be helpful, only it looks ridiculous.

3. Baby Mop

Baby Mop Do you wish your little one could help you in your household chore instead of crying around? Well, let him wear the baby mop and let him scrub the floor all he wants! This cool science invention lets your child crawl all over the floor without hurting himself, as the mop gives him the much-needed cushioning. And yes, he’ll be helping with the chores too.

2. Banana Slicer

Banana Slicer You’ve heard of onion slicers and potato slicers. Why not a banana slicer? For those who need perfectly cut bananas, here’s the answer to your woes. You can finally get evenly sliced banana for breakfast, lunch or dinner. No other knife can do a better job.

1. Pen Cap Eating Utensils

Pen Cap Eating Utensils Are you too busy to go out for lunch? Well, you can bring your packed lunch to the office next time. Just make sure that you have in your pockets these pen caps. Just attach these tips to your pens and you have an instant spoon, fork and knife that you can use. Keep these inside your drawer so you’ll have these necessary utensils anytime you need them. These are cool and helpful, although a somewhat funny-looking.