6 Digital Tools That Are Transforming Learning

In the 21st century, we rarely see a class that hasn’t adopted any technology for advanced learning. While various devices and apps are built to support the education industry, very few stand out as transformational.

Yet, educators are exploring various online software to enhance teaching. Students are also asking experts to do my assignment online and building skills through the latest apps.

To stay relevant in this digital era, one should consider some of the best tools that make a difference in the learning experience. We have curated a list of the six tools that are changing the way students learn.

Best Digital Tools That Are Transforming Learning


Feedback is an essential part of both teaching and learning. Socrative aims to improve the feedback system through various interactive means. While students can seek essay writing help online for their assignments, teachers can use tools like Socrative to integrate seamless feedback.

Teachers can ask quick questions or create full-fledged quizzes to gauge the students’ learning using the tool. They can also review, ask follow-up questions, and create learning rooms within the app. Besides, the question-answers are instantaneous. It means teachers can use the strategy to check students’ understanding of a concept even during a class.

Apart from feedback, the app can be used to engage students in thought-provoking questions or start a discussion. Such activities promote creative thinking. Moreover, features like pre-creating quizzes, easy grading, and saving the results make the app a favorite among teachers.


Glogster provides a unique way of organizing and displaying information taken from the Internet. Those who inculcate media in teaching will love this tool. Glogster helps you create interactive digital posters called Glogs using text, images, and even videos. It looks like a single-slide presentation with all the information in one place.

What makes Glogster stand out is the ease of creating posters. Users can start with a blank slide or choose from hundreds of pre-made templates and customize them as required. Online resources, such as social media content, can also be used directly through the tool. Many teachers encourage students to create their own Glogster posters, as it promotes higher-order thinking.


Seesaw is an app that keeps teachers and parents in the loop of what their children learn. The app enables students to create their learning portfolios to display their everyday work. This can be anything from pictures of their assignments to videos of them working on a project.

Seesaw lets other people like parents and teachers view the student’s portfolio. While parents admire their children’s work, teachers can closely monitor an individual’s progress. Thus, Seesaw portfolios open up many possibilities in teaching.

Teachers can organize group activities, as the app allows them to view and comment on their work later. Students can also use the app’s comment feature to give each other feedback and keep track of what others are doing. The app is available on Android, iOS, Chrome Web Store, and Amazon Kindle devices.


CK-12 is a tool that truly aims to transform learning by making education affordable and accessible to everyone. The website functions like a digital textbook. Yet, it contains multimedia learning resources apart from the usual text. All the resources listed on the site are free-to-use and available in over 50 languages. So, CK-12 can be useful for classrooms worldwide.

The website allows teachers to create their own content roster and share it. Schools that already use a learning management system can integrate it with CK-12 to use its content directly from their LMS.

Teachers can also view students’ interactions with their assigned content and grade them on the same platform.

Explain Everything

Explain Everything is an app that lets teachers create videos to explain concepts using a virtual whiteboard. Though this app can be used anywhere, it is especially handy for distance or hybrid learning.

Students can interact in real-time with their teachers on the same whiteboard. Not only does that promote creative expression, but it develops concept clarity among students. The app generates a classroom-like atmosphere. Each student has an opportunity to solve or explain something on the class board.

The sessions and explainer videos can be recorded for future reference. The app is available on Android, iOS, Chromebook, and even the web.


Parlay deepens a student’s knowledge and analytical thinking through academic and extracurricular discussions. Teachers can choose from a library of prompts on the app and share them with their students.

Students respond to the prompts and later look at peer responses to understand various perspectives. Teachers can create their own discussion prompts or edit existing ones to suit their students.

Through this app, they can also hold a live roundtable where students discuss their points. Parlay has thousands of prompts created by experts and teachers on the platform. So, your class has endless topics to take the discussions forward.

Digital Learning Is the Step Forward

Schools all around the world are fast-adopting digital learning methods. They facilitate the holistic development of students along with their curriculum. With the tools mentioned above, both students and teachers can develop fresh perspectives and choose the right direction towards learning.