Top 3 Development Jobs in the iGaming Industry

For most people, gambling is just an expensive hobby that helps them unwind and relax. For thousands of professionals, however, gambling is a fast-growing industry with plenty of employment opportunities. In fact, the casino industry creates 370,000 jobs in Las Vegas only and hundreds of thousands more worldwide.

With the rise of remote gambling, the iGaming sector has become an attractive field for people with different profiles. With all those online casino platforms, various games, and payment solutions, pursuing a development career in iGaming can be a dream come true. These jobs are typically well-paid, and gambling companies often boast great perks, flexibility, and lots of learning opportunities.

So, let’s see what top 3 development jobs one can get in the iGaming industry right now.

What Products iGaming Developers Work On?

The iGaming industry has many verticals, and it’s not just about the online casinos. So, there are actually many opportunities for developers to do their magic. The most logical product here would be developing the casino software. There are also various systems, casino games, and payment solutions needed.

You may get a role as a casino operator and work on their in-house products. Alternatively, you could join a game-developing company focused on creating new and exciting casino games. Mobile app developers are often needed, too, as many casinos want to offer this option to their users, as well.

iGaming Development Jobs

Now that you know what to expect let’s focus on some positions that are in high demand. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, these job openings are typically easy to find, and they are well-paid.

Lead Applications Developer

As a Lead Applications Developer, you would be responsible for the end-to-end technical delivery of the necessary product. Expect to be in charge of architecture, design, development, testing, and review of apps. Moreover, developing and managing applications as well as databases often fall within the scope of this position.

Necessary skills and experience for such a position usually include JavaScript, HTML, HTTP, IIS Website Management, C-like languages, and database management. Strong management skills, meeting tight deadlines, and good communication skills are also necessary if you hope to become the Lead Applications Developer in an iGaming company.

Full-Stack Developer

Similar to the previous position, this job requires end-to-end technical delivery of a product. As a Full Stack Developer, you’d be responsible for designing, developing, testing, and reviewing various products. One of the tasks would be to write high-quality and clean code on the front end. You’d also need to work closely with other teams and the product owner to ensure that the end-user gets a smooth and quality experience.

Casino Game Developer

Some developer jobs are more specific and focus only on certain types of products. Casino Game Developer is among such positions. In the critical responsibilities for such a professional, you’d find performing hand-on design and development of casino games. JavaScript/TypeScript and HTML5 are the most common languages used in the field. Besides creating games from scratch, you may also need to enhance features as well as the framework updates of existing iGaming products.

Bottom Line

If you are an enthusiast about iGaming and pursue a career as a developer, you are one step closer to getting your dream job. Even though this industry is associated with gambling, spending money, and partying, it’s also a great place to get a well-paid position. The options are plenty from working on exciting new games to designing and building various platforms or mobile applications. In some cases, you may even get a nice relocation package to move to some of the biggest iGaming hubs like Malta.