All You Need to Know About CIEM and Its Benefits

With growing digitization, threats to your data are also ever-growing. So, protecting them from outsiders and your employees is essential when it comes to your cloud services.

You also need to have access to comprehensive data for cloud platforms, especially when you’re planning to grow your cloud database. There is only one solution when you require data, monitoring, and security.

When you’re looking for the ideal solution to protect your cloud platform, consider opting for a CIEM solution. If you don’t know what it is, this is the perfect time to educate yourself about it by reading below:

What is CIEM?

Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) is a solution that aims to protect your data on the cloud. Whether your organization has one cloud platform or several, they can ensure complete access and monitoring to all. It makes work more efficient for IT professionals and other employees as well.

A security identification measure ensures that access is given to only the right employees and that your team knows who has access to what and when. You can also use this solution to ensure that specific roles are delegated to employees within your organization.

Who Can Use It?

Any organization looking to enter its data onto a cloud service or already has a subscription for a cloud service is ideal. When you’re looking to transmigrate your data to a cloud service, you should already have the permissions organized to ensure no hurdles later.

For organizations that are already on the cloud server, they can integrate their existing platforms and security mechanisms onto the solution. The right solution will be adaptable and scalable to your organization’s needs.

Easier Monitoring

When you have thousands of employees that have access to your company’s cloud, monitoring them can be a logistical nightmare. You won’t just need more equipment and personnel to ensure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

A Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management solution will ensure that you can monitor thousands of employees through a seamless database that can give results within seconds. Your employees will focus on protecting the infrastructure and simultaneously manage permissions for employees.


When auditors and managers have access to the Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management solution and various activities, they can ensure compliance. These solutions also can automate compliance checking throughout the entire platform, so employees don’t have to check manually.

Various compliance regulations need to be carried out, depending on what federal and national laws an organization must follow. You might find a solution that can expand to multiple regulations without much hassle.


If you’re looking for a CIEM solution when planning on expanding your business, consider opting for a flexible solution. You have to ensure that your solution is scalable as per your requirements, so you’re not constantly switching to another solution.

When you’re catering to specific industry standards, you need to ensure that your solution matches that too. Companies specializing in Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management will ensure that you find a catered solution according to your requirements.

Ultimate Security

While your cloud platform service might offer many security features, it’s not right to rely on them entirely. Cloud platforms are just as prone as your servers to breaking under malicious attacks and other types of vicious malware.

To find the best solution that ensures that your security doesn’t face a lapse at any juncture, it’s crucial to have the right solution. You can ensure that all your data is safe and secure with catered solutions that target any of your vulnerabilities.

Monitoring employees and ensuring that they only have access to what’s required is crucial to guaranteeing no leaks within your organization. When you’ve had a security breach, you can quickly pinpoint which employee had access to that information. It can help you find out what went wrong and how the security breach happened in the first place.

Reducing Costs

Suppose you’re planning on expanding your cloud services in the future. In that case, it’s crucial to know how much to upgrade by; getting an extensive plan that your employees do not fully utilize can result in many subscription costs over time.

When you want to ensure that you know precisely how much to scale up by, getting a CIEM solution that ensures you can monitor traffic levels, employee access, and much more is essential.

Find that your enterprise is more efficient and functional when you’re optimizing a solution for your cloud platform security. So, these are some things you need to know about CIEM and its benefits.