8 Best Dog Breeds In Japan

Japanese dog breeds-Japan is very famous for the world’s incredible anime stories, the most excellent sushi, and many awesome sneaky ninjas. But were you aware that Japan is home for unique and widely dogs breeds?

See the result of the year 2003 of dogs in Japan. According to Japanese people, dogs turned out to be a realistic and viable alternative for raising a child. Here we are with the list of Japanese Dog Breeds. We also bring a list of Chinese dog breeds.

Popular Japanese Dog Breeds


Sakhalin Husky

8 Best Japanese dog breeds

It is the rarest dog breed in the whole world found in Japan. This breed of dogs became popular with a Japanese research expedition to Antarctica in the year 1958. It is the only breeder of the pure Sakhalin Huskies that passed away in the year 2012. These dogs are devoted to their owners. They have been affectionate dogs and obey everything asked about.

Ryukyu Inu

8 Best Japanese dog breeds

It is a Japanese dog breeds that people would have hardly known about it. These dogs originated in the southern island of Japan. The number of these dogs in 2015 was 400. Well, no one is aware of the history and origin of these dogs, but researchers believed that they were bred to track and hunt wild boars on the island.

Japanese Terrier

8 Best Japanese dog breeds

The purpose of bred this dog was only to be petted. They are the best lap dogs with a cheerful personality and a lively attitude. These dogs are best to keep at home for every reason. If you look for a skilled and attentive dog, then it is not good to have the Japanese Terrier as a watchdog for a house. These dogs are best for the owners who are allergy-sensitive.

Tosa Inu

8 Best Japanese dog breeds

Tosa Inu is known to be a highly aggressive and dangerous dog. They were known to be substantial fighting dogs and thus do not go well with other dogs. They even turn to be lethal predators to cats. Tosa is not very aggressive to a familiar human. But it is your foremost duty to check that Tosa Inu does not play with children unsupervised.

Kai Ken

8 Best Japanese dog breeds

Kai Ken possesses hunting instincts along with being a highly intelligent dog. Also, these dogs turn to be excellent watchdogs for your family as they are alert, brave, and aloof with strangers. They enjoy the best company of young children, and thus they try to get well with all other dogs too. They love being in an open area around nature.

Kishu Ken

8 Best Japanese dog breeds

Kishu Ken is very famous for being courageous and brave. Also, they are known as hunting dogs. Kishu’s are also renowned for loyalty towards their family members and young children. They are good observant and also keep an eye on things happening around them.

Hokkaido Inu

8 Best Japanese dog breeds

The most excellent and most well-known dog trait of Hokkaido Inu is known as loyalty towards its owner. They are confident dogs that need a chance to prove their bravery for the owners. These dogs have a very good sense of smell and direction. They know how to find their home despite the distance. They are intelligent and food-driven dogs.

Sanshu Inu

Sanshu Inu is one of the Japanese dog breeds it has always been in a category of excellent watchdogs. They are well famous for companionship, which proves their loyalty and affection. Owners of this dog describe it to be the most sensitive dog who is eager to make happy their masters. They have a good bond with their family members and do everything to protect them from danger. Thus they are very famous in Japan. They are extremely clean dogs ever known to be present on this earth.