5 Different Types of Blue Jeans for Women

The classic blue jean: it’s a staple garment in any American wardrobe, and has been for decades. For women, the perfect pair of blue jeans is both comfortable and flattering, soft and stylish. The right pair of jeans will complement your figure and feel great, whether you’re running a few errands or heading to a … Read more

4 Different Hair Gel Alternatives

Hair gel is a popular beauty product that’s used to keep hair in place. It stiffens the hair to keep styles secure throughout the day. Hair gel is used by men and women alike, and there are countless brands to choose from. It’s sold at drugstores, beauty stores, hair salons, and online retailers, and it … Read more

4 Different Wig Alternatives

When hair loss occurs, whether due to health reasons, natural balding, or an accident, people may opt to wear a wig to restore their appearance. People may also wear a wig on occasion for a costume or to achieve a certain style or look. On a basic level, a wig is defined as a covering … Read more

12 Different Hairspray Alternatives

Hairspray – it’s a common beauty tool used to help keep one’s hair in place. However, sometimes hairspray can be a little daunting to use as it can be expensive and even irritating to the skin. Because of this, it might be a good idea to consider using an alternative to hairspray. This article will … Read more

14 Different Types of Gloves for Men

Although gloves are a commonly used product today, the five-fingered variety didn’t really come into regular use by the common man until sometime during the 18th century, when they began to be ‘mass-produced’ for public consumption. Prior to that, gloves were usually only worn by the aristocratic classes (often as a status symbol) and some … Read more

3 Different Hair Dye Alternatives

If you color your hair, you’ve likely explored a range of hair dye options. Traditional hair dye is widely used and can even be bought at neighborhood drug stores and convenience stores. You can also get a hair dye treatment from a hair stylist at your local salon. Traditional hair dye has a handful of … Read more

10 Ray-Ban Alternatives

Sunglasses are an important accessory to have, especially during the spring and summer months when the sun is blazing. They not only help to provide protection to your eyes from harmful UV rays, but from wind, dirt, and other irritating particles in the air. One sunglasses company many enjoy buying from is Ray-Ban. While this … Read more