The SoJones Drama: Taylor Swift in an African White world?

We all knew what Yo Gotti was talking about when he wanted his life to be ‘cocaine crazy’, but we at SoJones never expected to see Taylor Swift taking over Africa. On this latest venture into Hollywood raising kids and adults, we see Taylor Swift studying what makes Africa so fascinating in the first place. … Read more

Alexander Wang Says, “Do Something!”

Possibly driven by the stance to assume social responsibility, Alexander Wang gathered all his friends in the fashion industry and created a very special campaign in a form of a fashion collection that doesn’t just flatter, but also initiate a strong call to action. Alexander Wang created street fashion clothes – worn by the likes … Read more

2015 VMA fashion best and worst dressed

Did you get to watch the VMA’s last night? Other than laughting at the ridiculous antics between Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift? After all that drama, you will love to read this tidbit on Amber Rose and Blac Chyna we got from “We’re just embracing the negativity,” Rose told ET of the statement, “because regardless … Read more