Dogs For Indian Climate

What are the best dogs for Indian climate? Dogs are an adorable creature of our society that helps in keeping healthy because you have to exercise your dogs daily; then, in this way, you can also apply every day. It is essential to keep a dog that suits your living style.

It is vital to consider the climate conditions of your surroundings before buying any dog because climatic conditions can affect a dog’s body. India consists of tropical seasons that suggest that India contains hot weather for an extended period and then a short duration of winters as well as monsoons.

This summer season consists of a significant level of heat and humidity, which can affect any living body. It becomes essential to consider a dog that has less body hair that gets suited to the proper Indian climate. Some of the following information will help you to know about appropriate dog breeds.

Best suitable dogs for Indian climate

  • Labrador
  • The Pug
  • Dachshund
  • Pomeranian
  • German shepherd


Dogs For Indian Climate

The Labrador consists of a silky undercoat that helps in keeping warm during cold weather conditions. The outer coat of Labrador is beneficial in keeping repelling water from the body of a dog breed. It is important to groom them properly to keep their coat hair very shiny.

The height of the Labrador is 32 inches, and the weight is around 34 kgs. These dogs need the right amount of training and exercise because they can easily weigh at any time. Labrador dogs should have proper eating habits because it will help them in maintaining a healthy body.

The pug

Dogs For Indian Climate

Pug gets rarely found in India because of the endangered dog breed. Pugs consist of small size, and they get loved by many people in the world. They include dark eyes and wrinkled face, which helps them in looking very cute.

They weigh about 8 kgs, and they have a height range of up to 15 inches. It is good to maintain their dietary habits because they put on weight very fast. It is essential to keep them at cold conditional places because hot weather can face them from heatstroke.


Dogs For Indian Climate

They consist of three different varieties that are wire-haired, short-haired, and long-haired. It consists of two different sizes that are miniature and standard size.

Dachshund consists of different colors that are brown, black, red, tan, and chocolate color. They consist of many significant characteristics like plying nature, funny, and intelligent behavior. Dachshund is a tiny dog that gets referred to as an ideal dog for an apartment and a short-member family.


Dogs For Indian Climate

It is good to keep them brushing every day because they have a smooth textured coat. Pomeranian sheds a lot during the shedding season, and they have a small size.

They have a dynamic nature, and it is essential to keep them exercising every day. They act as a very excellent watchdog, and they have very active characters. Pomeranian requires a minimal amount of maintenance; that is why it is good to keep them at any small and large family.

German shepherd

Dogs For Indian Climate

German dogs consist of an impressive personality, and that is why german shepherds act as excellent guard dogs. People need to know that they have a high level of loyalty to their owners. German shepherds are smart dogs that have a beautiful appearance, and they are height around 25 inches.

It defines that they are tall, and they have a level of the weight of around 34 kilograms. Shepherd has 12 years of life span, and they require regular grooming. It is essential to train them every day properly because of their excellent energy levels. It gets found that the German shepherd is a very aggressive dog, but they can get friendly with loving people. They are suitable for the Indian climate because of their beautiful, healthy coat.