What To Choose A Male Or A Female Rottweiler

Are you confused about which one Rottweiler to buy a male or a female Rottweiler? What could be the difference between the two of them? People are generally confused with such questions, and they ask them regularly from puppy buyers, and thus, today, I am here to solve their most significant issue. I am here with an experience of 30 years with Rottweiler breed dogs. People generally opt to have male breed Rottweiler for them. It is all because of security issues as they think that a big and powerful make Rottweiler is the only way to go based upon size.

Male Or A Female Rottweiler Which One You Should Buy

Hence if you are starting, then first look at the standards of both male and female Rottweiler. Breed of Rottweiler stands from medium to large breed. It is according to the rules of FCI. For males, size is 61-69 centimeters at the withers. They weigh around 50 to 60 kilograms. For females, size is 56-63 cm. They weigh about 35 to 48 kilograms. Hence it is your personal preference either to choose a male or a female Rottweiler breed.

What to choose A Male Or A Female Rottweiler

Male Rottweiler’s are more prominent and robust as compared to female breed. Later is smaller and male breed turn to be dominant, challenging, and aggressive according to their behavior. Female Rottweiler’s are obedient, and males turn out to be stubborn. Read more about Rottweiler temperament & personality traits.

Male Or A Female Rottweiler Which One You Should Buy

Female Rottweiler is protective as they have a motherly instinct. They are more loving and easy to housetrain as compared to males. Females get attached to a family very quickly. It is easy to handle a female Rottweiler than a male one. No matter in behavior because they are similar in both breeds. It is because both females and males are crazy, wild, and full of energy every time. They have the potential of wilfulness.

However, it is necessary to know to train both of them very calmly. It is not to let them become over-aggressive. The nickname for the breed is Rottie. Rottweiler ‘s are trainable, courageous, calm, and devoted towards their owner and the family within which they live in. As per the dog’s nature, a Rottweiler is protective and loyal always to defend his family from others if needed. Hence it is essential to train both the genders.

Male Or A Female Rottweiler Which One You Should Buy

More points to know:

Females, for some people, are temperament, whereas males have much interest in their alpha than doing what they have to. Male Rottweiler will keep on testing you as they grow up. The male breed is a little crazier than females to show up its strength. Hence it is good to train them early to get rid of such smelly situations of the future.

What can let you buy a female breed Rottweiler?

Male Or A Female Rottweiler Which One You Should Buy

There can be several reasons to own a female breed over a male. But the fact is, dogs also want the same love and affection as a human child gets. They also have some understanding of even more than human beings for being loyal. Just as a child receives training for proper behavior from his parents, a Rottweiler also needs the same.

Female breed will come in the season between nine to twelve months and later in 6 monthly. Hence it is good to keep her away from males. It is good to get her to male-only if she becomes mature. The average maturity age for a female is 18 to 24 months. It is the best period.

Contact a breeder first and let him explain all points of both males and females to you and let you choose the best. They will guide you to the correct pup of your choice. But be comfortable to talk with your breeder.