Natural vs a Docked Tail Rottweiler

Natural vs a Docked Tail Rottweiler-Try to imagine a dog and then draw its parts that you remember. One out of these features will be its tail. Am I right?

Well, everyone is aware that a dog uses its tail to communicate with humans and other animals. It is the most common image when a dog wags its tail. It is a sign of friendliness of dogs. Dogs are most commonly known to be loyal to its owner.

Now again, close your eyes and then think of a particular breed of a dog, Rottweiler. Mentally think of it and its appearance. In words, can you tell how its tail was? Is it short or long? You would face a hard time remembering the size and shape of Rottweiler’s tail especially if you are not an expert or a breeder. Now, for your surprise, let us tell you that Rottweiler is both with and without tails.

Natural vs a Docked Tail Rottweiler

Natural vs a Docked Tail Rottweiler


Now the fact is you must be thinking about which one to buy a docked or a natural Tail Rottweiler. There are significant dissimilarities between the two of them. For a real answer, we can say that there is no answer to such a question. There are downsides and perks to both the tail types. It is all your decision that helps you make a judgment and the dog’s situation. Check here 9 interesting facts about Rottweiler you didn’t know.

Here we can provide you with some relevant information so that you can make an informed decision. Hence let us begin with it & look at natural vs a docked tail Rottweiler.

Why have dogs Docked Tails?

Natural vs a Docked Tail Rottweiler


The American Kennel Club has been taking of Rottweiler breed dogs. Also, they include a good number of docked tails Rottweiler. In the past times, the tail of a Rottweiler was docked for some practical reasons, including tail injury due to the physical activities of a dog. It was all to reduce weak points in a dog. Docking of a tail was believed to improve the strength and speed of a dog that was to avoid the risk of rabies.

Many people still do docking of a tail. Some do it for a reason mentioned above and others for their cosmetic purpose. Others like to look, and we have complete respect for that.

Reasons why people keep Rottweiler’s natural tail

Natural vs a Docked Tail Rottweiler


It is another side to say perks of a natural tail dog. A reason why people prefer to keep natural tail for their dogs is that a full tail does make changes in the physical abilities and behavior of a dog. Thus sometimes subjecting dogs to tail docking for no reason is not good.

People believe that a Rottweiler with a docked tail has an increment in its speed and strength. But that is not the case. There is no difference between a Rottweiler with a natural or docked tail when it comes to its behavior. People claiming them are misconceptions that breeders propagate to sell a puppy with natural tailed. The tail is not a big issue if you plan to have Rottweiler as your pet.

Natural vs a Docked Tail Rottweiler


Another reason to keep the natural and full tail of a Rottweiler is that dogs use their tail. It is a mode of communication for them. It is the best way to express emotions like excitement, distress, and happiness. People even believe that a Rottweiler may attack you if you both are not in communication with each other. Rottweiler’s are aggressive. You need to understand what has been in their minds with a connection to calm them down.


The tail of a dog is not that important as one may think. Instead of these all beliefs, we must think which Rottweiler breed you want as your pet. It must be a caring nature for you.