9 Online Second-Hand Clothing Stores

Many often enjoy buying the latest fashion and clothing accessories, but sometimes this can pose a few problems. The first is that some clothing stores might not have what you’re looking for due to its small inventory. The other problem is that new fashion can be very expensive, especially if they are pieces from designer brands. You might also find that shopping in a traditional clothing store might be a little crowded making it difficult to browse. However, there is an alternative to consider if you’re looking to save some money but want to have a vast clothing selection.

Online second-hand clothing sites are the perfect option thanks to their accessibility and impressive selection. While these sites are good to shop on, you want to keep a few things in mind. This includes making sure that the site offers the style of clothing you prefer, clothing that is in good condition, and plenty of discounts. While this might sound like a simple task, filtering through the numerous sites online can be a challenge, especially when it comes to making sure they are authentic. You also want to make sure they’re offering you good deals and have a vast selection to choose from.

To help you in your search, this article will highlight some important things to keep in mind when shopping online at a second-hand clothing store, such as making sure it has a seller check and offers discounts. You’ll also discover some of the best site options to consider browsing on for second-hand clothing.

What is a Second-Hand Clothing Store?

A second-hand clothing store sells clothing that has already been worn but is in somewhat good condition. Unlike a thrift store, a second-hand clothing store often buys clothing pieces rather than accepting them as donations. This often helps to ensure that the clothing is in good condition to resell.

The Benefits of Using a Second-Hand Clothing Store Online

There are many benefits that come with using a second-hand clothing site. Below are some you’ll discover if you decide to shop on one.

They Offer Great Deals

Despite their already low prices, many of these sites additionally have impressive deals on their stock. You’ll find special clearance sections, free shipping, and unique discounts for members available. Many also offer some of today’s top designer brands but at a much cheaper price.

There is a Wide Selection

Surprisingly, second-hand clothing sites have a large selection of merchandise to shop for. Many sites divide it up into categories which can help to make shopping for your clothing a bit easier. This is also a major benefit of shopping online as you’ll be able to have more selection compared to a traditional clothing store which is often limited in its space.

You’ll Find Unique Pieces

Second-hand clothing stores online are some of the best places to find unique clothing items. This includes rare vintage and designer brand pieces that might be difficult to find elsewhere.

They Feature Blogs

Many of these sites often have blogs which highlight fashion trends, collections, and helpful tips you can keep in mind when shopping. These can be very useful as they will let you stay up-to-date on current trends, learn shopping advice, and teach you how to wash clothing without ruining it.

They are Budget-Friendly

If you’re on a budget, second-hand shops are great to buy from. They not only offer incredible discounts but financing options so you can buy a piece you love without worries of it not fitting your budget.

They are Eco-Friendly

Believe it or not, second-hand shops are eco-friendly. This is because they reuse clothing which prevents factories from having to emit dangerous emissions to create new pieces. By buying second-hand items, you can be sure your purchase is helping to not only conserve energy but keep the planet healthy as well.

What to Consider Before Buying from a Second-Hand Clothing Site

Before shopping online at a second-hand clothing site, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind. Below are some things to consider.

The Prices and Shipping

Most second-hand clothing stores online offer items at reasonable prices. However, this isn’t to say that some might inflate their prices for clothing pieces that might not be in the best condition. You also want to make sure to check the shipping costs. While the clothing items might be priced low, sometimes the shipping can cause your overall purchase to be somewhat expensive. Due to this, it’s a good idea to make sure that the site offers discounts and free shipping options.

You should also see if there are payment plans. Because some of these sites can be a little expensive, especially if they sell designer items, payment installations can be very helpful. This way, you’ll be able to invest in a piece you love without breaking the bank.

The Selection

Second-hand clothing sites usually have an incredible selection. However, it’s important to make sure that the selection offers items that match your taste. For instance, some might only sell vintage items while others might be geared toward women’s clothing. Because of this, it’s a good idea to check the selection beforehand to ensure the site offers items that match your needs.

If the Clothing is Authentic

While many of these sites sell designer brands, it’s important to make sure these pieces are authentic. Otherwise, you might find yourself purchasing a fake designer item. Most sites do authenticity checks and will include a description about the item showing that it is indeed real. However, some might not do this which is why it’s important to be careful before buying a designer brand item that doesn’t have an authenticity check.

The Clothing Condition

It’s vital to make sure that the clothing a site offers has its condition listed with it. While the pictures of the piece might look nice, that doesn’t always mean it’s the same piece or that the clothing looks as it is displayed. To help ensure the clothing is in your ideal condition, make sure that the site has a description of the item’s condition. This way, you’ll be able to know exactly what you’re buying.

If Returns are Allowed

Sometimes second-hand shops don’t allow returns. This means that if you accidentally bought the wrong size or the clothing item isn’t what you thought it was, you won’t be able to return it and receive a refund. If you’re concerned about aspects such as these, make sure the site allows you to return items.

The Best Second-Hand Clothing Stores Online


This online second-hand clothing store is one of the largest in the world. It offers numerous products for you to buy, which range from dresses to swimwear. You’ll also find a handful of designer brands available for sale, like Lilly Pulitzer and J. Crew. This site also has a unique Rescue Box option where you can buy clothing (although not always in the best condition) for extremely low prices. The shop is geared toward women and children and offers plenty of discounts, including exclusive ones which can be accessed after you sign up for their email newsletter. In addition to clothing, the site sells shoes, accessories, and jewelry.

You can also sell your clothing to the site by using its Clean Out Kit where you put items you’d like to sell inside and then ship it to their warehouse where it will undergo inspections and then you’ll get paid for it. There is free shipping over $79 as well as a blog which gives tips about fashion and even how to properly wash used clothing.


Swap is an online second-hand clothing site that sells products for women, men, kids, and babies. You’ll find plenty of unique items to purchase which come with helpful photos and a lengthy description of them. This description includes the size of the clothing piece as well as the condition it is in. You’ll also discover helpful advice as to which season the clothing is best to wear in. In addition to this, Swap also sells toys, books, and decor. There is a small clearance section which offers impressive discounts in addition to the markdowns Swap already has.

Products can be purchased in payment installations and the site accepts various types of payments, including Visa and Apple Pay. There is free shipping on orders over $60. You can sign up for an account with your email or Facebook to keep track of where your purchase is and to contact the store if you have any concerns. Swap does accept returns and offers full refunds.


Poshmark is a very trendy site that’s filled with some of the top clothing brands on the market today, such as Michael Kors, Victoria’s Secret, and Banana Republic. Poshmark sells clothing for men, women, and children. To help ensure the clothing you buy is from authentic designer brands, Poshmark implements an authentication mark which shows that the piece is authentic. The site highlights some of the latest trends and popular collections so you can stay up-to-date on the current fashion scene. In addition to buying clothing, you can also sell items on the site.

While this site is ideal for buying designer brands, there are a few important things to keep in mind about it. The first is that you have to sign up for an account, either with your email or Facebook, in order to browse on the site and buy items. It also has a special payment system which might be a little tricky for some, but the site has a helpful guide you can follow to help ensure this process goes smoothly.


For those who are on the search for clothing from the 1980s and 1990s, Ragstock is a good online second-hand shop to look at. It features plenty of clothing from these eras, such as band and animal t-shirts, polo shirts, turtlenecks, jackets, and cowboy boots. You’ll also find some unique accessories such as sunglasses and bucket hats available for purchase. The clothing items come in a few different sizes and colors. They also feature photos and a description. Shoppers can browse by the type of clothing they’d like to buy or by brand.

Ragstock has a few brick-and-mortar shops in the United States if you prefer to check out their inventory in person. It provides free shipping over $50 in the United States and has a helpful online tracking system which you can use to see where your purchase is. This site offers plenty of sales throughout the year and has customer service if you have questions or concerns about your shopping experience.


Vinted allows you to buy clothing directly from sellers. It offers clothing for women, men, and children which include maternity pieces, pants, suits, dresses, and shoes. You’ll also find a handful of accessories available for sale as well, including unused perfume. Each item comes with a few pictures and a small description which features its size, condition, and the seller’s preferred payment options. If you have questions, you can message the seller before buying the item. Keep in mind that there is no guarantee that what is being advertised is accurate. However, Vinted offers various tools that help to ensure that the seller is real, such as reviews by other customers, a money-back guarantee option, and risk scoring. In addition to a website, Vinted also has an app you can download on your smart device.


Grailed is an online second-hand clothing site designed exclusively for men. It offers plenty of merchandise which includes polos, denim jeans, jackets, tuxedos, gloves, and sunglasses. Each item comes with a handful of pictures and a short description. While there is a price listed, you can make your own offer on the item. You can also message the seller if you have questions about the product. The items come with a buyer protection program and authenticity checks to ensure the products are being sold as advertised.

Grailed is easy to shop on and you can narrow your search down by category or brand. The site features staff picks as well as collections, which include some of the best pieces for those who love tech or who want a new style for summer.


Etsy offers a vast selection of second-hand clothing, although most of the clothing are vintage pieces. The site is easy to browse on and you can type in what you’re looking for in its search bar or search by category. The clothes are sold by various vendors and each shop ranges in its prices and merchandise. However, all items include photos and a description. Many also come with free shipping. To make sure that the seller is reliable, you can check out the reviews of them or message them if you have concerns or questions. The items have an estimated delivery feature which will help you to get a better idea of when your purchase will arrive. You can create an account on the site where you’ll be able to track your purchase and receive updates from sellers you’ve previously bought from. In addition to clothing, Etsy also sells plenty of other goods, which range from home decor to jewelry.

The Real Real

The Real Real is an online luxury consignment shop. It sells numerous designer brands which include Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Rolex. This site sells clothing for men, women, and children and the products feature photos and a description so you can tell if the item will match your needs. Keep in mind that the pieces sold on the site are somewhat pricey. However, there is a financing option available. Besides clothing, the site also sells home goods, jewelry, and watches.

The Real Real offer sales throughout the year and has a consignment kit you can buy. Shoppers can also sign up to be a member of the store where they’ll receive exclusive deals and store credit. This site is a little difficult to shop on as it has a few pop-ups you’ll need to click out of if you want to search freely.


This site sells vintage and designer women’s clothing. It’s very easy to navigate and has a unique design making shopping on it a fun experience. Each garment sold comes with a story behind it as well as photos, a short description, and its measurements. The pieces range in their ages, with some even dating before the 1940s. In addition to clothing, Refashioner also sells shoes and bags. The site has a blog which dives into various topics, including how the site finds its clothing and some interesting posts on fashion history. This site does accept returns although there are restrictions you need to keep in mind. If you have questions, there is a contact form you can fill out which will be sent to a representative who will later contact you.