Rottweiler Temperament And Personality Traits

Rottweiler temperament-Rottweilers are popular dogs breed and highly intelligent, brave, and loving dogs they can prove to be excellent companions for life. The Rottweiler is one of the large and muscular breeds that are well affectionate within families across the globe.  This dog breed loves their family and is naturally protective of their families and they are considered best guard dogs. Well, people who are not familiar with this breed are concerned about certain aspects of this breed, especially their temperament. Rotties are considered an aggressive breed due to their ‘reputation, but is this true? Well, let’s look into the detail, you should know about potential temperament and behavior a Rottie may present.

The Typical Rottweiler Temperament

Rottweiler Temperament And personality Explained

The Rottweiler breed has seen in those days doesn’t actually reflect the present Rottweilers seen today, however, regardless they have a portion of those early characteristics. While Rottweilers can make changes in temperament from one another, there are some common traits that can be found in the breed that you should expect.

As discussed earlier, the Rottweiler has a very strong bond with his family, showing unshakeable loyalty towards them. A well-trained dog can love you unconditionally. Some Rottweilers have a tendency o be confident dogs. However, they may act guarded and Rotties are aloof toward strangers no matter they are humans or animals.

Dominant Dogs

Rottweilers are confident dogs that lead to their dominance behavior, they can be dominant with other dogs within the house as well as to their owners. So you should deal with your dominant dog at an early age. Because both an independent and intelligent breed, Rottweiler needs experienced handling.

Rottweiler can have negative behavior if you don’t train him properly. There is a lot of variations that can be found in the personality of the Rottweiler so you need to be aware of them. Some Rottweiler has a tendency to be natural entertainers who love to play, while others can be found reserved and calm.

Are Rottweilers Easy To Train?

On the grounds that Rottweiler behavior problems arise when they are not well trained and socialized from an early age. If you don’t then be ready to have a dominant member of the family. You can’t control their territorial/guarding behaviors. And most of the time Rotties can get aggression issues.

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Rottweiler Temperament

Rottweiler as a calm, confident, and courageous dog but these dogs can be very protective of the people that they hold dear (or themselves) they are obedient dogs and when they are young they don’t tend to throw any temper tantrums. Rottweilers can become moody in the absence of their owners else they are happy dogs.

They love to grunt, however, people unknown with the breed,  and who may be nervous around them because of their ‘reputation’, usually consider the dog is growling at them or threatening them.

If your new pup makes this kind of sound you should not worry about it, it just indicates that he’s happy. Rottweilers are cautious dogs they don’t like to let any stranger walk into their backyard without them making their presence known, but they have a calm, levelheaded temperament around other dogs and people. The assertive and calm nature of Rottweilers is often involved with the angry reservation while they’re quite comfortable in their environment.

Rottweiler Aggression

The first question is are Rottweilers dangerous? Well, they required experienced handling otherwise they can be dangerous dogs. They are powerful dogs and hurt someone if an unreasonable emotion is triggered, they are fully fearless to act on their own, to control their aggression you need to socialize them at an early age.

Rottweilers are considered aggressive by nature than almost any other dog breed. At times Rottweilers can be naturally aggressive when they are upset their grunting can become growling quickly. You can see their aggression when they snap their jaw, showing their teeth and bark too much.

Even their body language can show their anger, as they’ll face whatever it is they’re afraid of, lower their body, & hunch their back legs. If you’re going to have a Rottweiler then you must keep this in your mind & take all the necessary steps in ensuring that your Rottweiler puppy growing into the kind and gentle dog that the breed should be.

You must identify the source if your Rottweiler showing canine aggression. Make sure if your dog has food aggression. In the presence of Males? Females? With other animals? Or is it fear? Dogs can be aggressive just because of the fear, as they become guarded under pressure.

After identifying the source, you must know what makes them bother, and then teach him slowly how to face the fear. The positive reward system will be one of the best ideas to curb the aggression of your Rottweiler. This means that when you see the aggression in your Rottweiler you should remove them from the situation but any validity should not be allowed.

If you try and begin to be extremely assertive (or nervous/manic) during facing their aggression, you will only trigger the aggression. You should ignore his aggression, and he must be rewarded once it’s gone. Never try to shout or yell at him. When you know your dog is in a frantic state don’t ever try to pressure on him, because that will make your dog react. There are many things to be known if we talk about Rottweiler’s aggressive nature and how to diminish it. If you don’t train him well then he can be almost as dangerous as a loaded gun