Top 10 Most Expensive Sneakers of all Time

How much are you willing to spend on a pair of sneakers? Ten of the kicks featured below are ridiculously priced. And no one’s kidding you if the price tag shows several thousand bucks. Read on and see which sneakers have values that are worth more than the regular wage earners’ full month salary.


10. Nike ParaNorman Foamposite
Price: $3,000

Nike Paranorman Foamposite

These film-inspired sneakers will surely make you feel like a movie star. It has got some special effects in it that you’ll definitely want to show off to your friends. Boast about its glow in the dark soles, themed pull tabs, and smoke graphic display. There were only 800 pairs of these sneakers sold so they also make you one privileged man.

9. Nike Dunk Low Pro SB ‘Paris’
Price: $3,500

SB Dunk Low Paris

These graphically designed sneakers had only 202 pieces in circulation. Those graphics on the shoe is courtesy of French expressionist painter Bernard Buffet, which is another reason why the pair is pretty expensive. These sneakers will literally make you stand out from the crowd, not just because of its price but more because it’s a work of art.

8. Rick Owens ‘GeoBasket’
Price: $5,152

Rick Owens Geobasket
Do you remember on whose foot you have seen these sneakers before? If your memory needs some refreshing, try Nicole Richie, Rihanna, and Madonna. Those celebrities were just among the few who have proudly sported these kicks days before their release. Why is this Rick Owens pair expensive? Well, it’s made of exotic brown iguana skin. Now if you’re an animal rights supporter, run away from these expensive sneakers as fast and as far away as you can.

7. Gold-Dipped Nike Dunks
Price: $5,405

Gold-Dipped Nike Dunk

Gold dipped what? Who would wear a shoe dipped in gold? Apparently, there are some who would. And just like anything with gold in it, this pair is priced ridiculously high. If you’re the type who loves wearing those 24-k flashy gold, don’t hesitate about this one. These Nike Dunks will surely make you look expensive for a little less than $5,500.

6. Nike Air Mag
Price: $6,000

Nike Air Mag

Released in 2011 and sold mainly by auction, many sneaker fans have declared that this pair is going to be the shoes of the future. And why wouldn’t they if not for the super tall top, heel lights, and get this – self-tightening laces! Wear one and you’ll be fashion forwarded into the next decades. So save up for that $6,000. There are rumors that the shoes will be back in 2015.

5. Nike SB Flom Dunk High
Price: $7,500

Nike SB Flom Dunk High

The Gucci-like SB branding in these Nike shoes is the main reason why they are ridiculously priced. But then again, the pair is also beautiful, comfortable, and interesting. It is a black, white, red and gold number that was sold only at selected stores. If you want one, shell out the dollars. It’s worth it.

4. Air Jordan 11 ‘Blackout’
Price: $11,267

Air Jordan 11 Blackout

Anything with Michael Jordan’s name in it is expensive, much more if it were a shoe. This Air Jordan 11 is a shining proof of that. Very costly at over $11,000, this pair is literally one-of-a-kind. And that single person who ended up with it is can think of himself as a very lucky man.

3. Autographed Kobe Air Zoom
Price: $30,000

Autographed Kobe Air Zoom

If Michael Jordan were king, then here comes the prince – Kobe Bryant. Kobe has his own line of Nike shoes and he won’t be left behind when it comes to extravagance. He has got a few expensive pairs under his name too, and this one leads the pack. There were only 25 pairs of these sneakers released – and Kobe lovingly lent his signature on them. Now don’t rush out to the store to buy them, as they were only meant for the auction houses.

2. Nike Air Force One – Prryya & Chinatan’s Couture and Jewelry
Price: $50,000

Nike Air Force One

Would you shell out $50,000 for a pair of sneakers? Maybe the gold trimming and the 11 carats diamond in these shoes will change your mind? Well, they did attract rapper artist Big Boi. He eagerly bought the pair at that whopping price tag at the Laced Up boutique in Atlanta. It is the most expensive Nike Air Force 1 sneakers ever made yet.

1. Autographed Nike Air Jordan 1
Price: $60,000

Air Jordan 1

We’ve featured Kobe’s autographed shoes. Now here comes the king’s autographed pair. Michael Jordan placed his lovely signature in this particular Air Jordan 1 pair. Then they sent it off in an eBay auction. The result? It was bought at an overstated price of $60,000! No wonder it’s the most expensive pair of sneakers ever sold.

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