Top 10 Countries with the Highest Accident Rate

Accidents do happen. However, they happen more frequently in some places than most. If you’re interested in knowing which countries have a relatively high accident rate so you can save yourself the trouble, continue reading. These are the places where accidents occur a bit too often.

10. Thailand

Annual fatalities on road accidents: 24,200

Thailand If you are the adventurous type, you may consider driving in Thailand as one hell of an experience. Rarely do drivers succumb to honking horns here. As for the road condition, it’s barely smooth and mostly congested. The major havoc, however, is caused by Thailand’s public transportation called the tuk tuks. These open-air mini buses that run on three wheels tend to zoom in and out of traffic gaps, catching the other driver unaware. That, plus the bikes with huge loads romping down the streets, generally makes Thailand’s roads one of the most accident-prone areas in the world. There are surely other ways to explore Thailand. Try them first before deciding to take on the road on your own.

9. Iran

Annual fatalities on road accidents: 24,800

Iran The instances of traffic accidents in Iran are so high that they count as the second top cause of mortality in the country. This is because drivers tend to ignore traffic lights and signs, as well as road markers, when driving. They also don’t yield to pedestrians. Furthermore, many of the streets are not adequately lighted at night, and sidewalks are almost always non-existent. It may not be fun driving Iran. Better not try it. Doing so could save your life.

8. Pakistan

Annual fatalities on road accidents: 25,700

Pakistan The reason why driving is Pakistan is quite dangerous is because the roads are always crowded. Aside from pedestrians, one will encounter donkeys, horses, and cattle on the road. Also, most of the bigger vehicles on the streets, such as trucks and buses, are badly maintained. The same thing can be said about the roads as well. Pakistan’s involvement in some territorial disputes could be the reason why the roads and traffic safety conditions are the last priorities of their government. Or at least that’s what it seems.

7.  Russia

Estimated annual fatalities on road accidents: 27,000

Russia In some areas in Russia’s suburbs, roads are technically non-existent. As for the vehicles, it is but common to see some with no taillights or only one working headlight. Bikes don’t have any of those at all. Construction sites are rarely marked at night.  All of these conditions make Russia one of the handful places where road accidents are likely to happen. Unless you consider yourself as a skillful driver, better think twice about driving in Russia. But that’s too bad Russia is too beautiful not to explore on your own.

6. United States

Estimated annual fatalities on road accidents: 34,000

United States Although a highly advanced nation, the road accidents in the United States remain to be one of the highest in the world. Many of the car wrecks on the highways and intersections are caused by over speeding and irresponsible drivers. The police on the road are strictly enforcing the traffic rules. However, many drivers are still interested in trying out the maximum speed capability of their cars. Crashes, vehicle fires, and wrecks are breaking news on a daily basis in the US. Fast cars are indeed more than a luxury in the United States.

5. Nigeria

Estimated annual fatalities on road accidents:  35,600

Nigeria The roads in Nigeria are so poor they can cause damage to vehicles. There are not enough traffic lights or stop signs on the street, much less police officers to manage the flow of vehicles. Flooded roads are quite common during the rainy season. But the major reason why accidents happen on the roads in Nigeria is because there’s no roadworthiness vehicle inspection required for motorists. Pedestrians are the common victims of road accidents. So whether or not you’re the driver, you’re technically not safe on the streets. Think about it.

4. Indonesia

Estimated annual fatalities on road accidents:  38,200

Indonesia The increase in the number of vehicle and public transportation may have cause the rising number of accidents in Indonesia. Note that accidents don’t just happen on the roads out here. Air and water accidents are climbing in numbers too.  Unsafe road conditions and overcrowding are contributing factors as well. Many of the road amenities in this country don’t meet international standards. If you decide to drive in Indonesia, be sure to know what you’re doing. Things may be tougher than you think.

3. Brazil

Estimated annual fatalities on road accidents:  41,000

Brazil Since over 90% of the roads in Brazil are unpaved, accidents are just waiting to happen. Additionally, local drivers can get very aggressive on the street. There are simply too many instances of road rage and tailgating out there. All these explain why Brazil has one of the highest fatalities on the road. Too bad it has got of beautiful sights for tourists to explore. Try to find other ways to get to your destination.

2. India

Estimated annual fatalities on road accidents: 238,000

India With over 200,000 fatalities and twice as much injury accidents happening on India’s highways annually, drivers are strongly advised to take extreme caution. It can be fairly difficult to maneuver on India’s roads, more so if you encounter reckless bus drivers along the way. Even trains get involved in accidents out here. It is relatively difficult to determine what would be the safest mode of transportation out here.

1. China

Estimated annual fatalities on road accidents: 261,300

China Topping India by tens of thousands road accidents, China’s high population, and unfavorable road conditions is just two of the factors why it is the most accident-prone country in the world. Traffic safety regulations are poorly implemented. Road courtesy is not practiced and the right of way rule is blatantly ignored. Drivers treat traffic signals as options. They don’t heed to them mandatorily. And since all types of transportation are on the road, such as bikes, cars, buses, and trucks, the result can only be total chaos. High caution is required when trudging on China’s roads. Be Careful!