Top Ten Countries with Unbelievably Nice People

It is definitely nice to visit a place where the people are friendly and nice. These are the countries in the world where you’d like to stay a little bit longer or even move to permanently. If you happen to be scouting for wonderful places with nice people, do consider these locations:

10. Germany


The people of Germany are generally nice, but most especially so those who live in the rural areas. They are very friendly to their guests, make them feel welcome, and show them around. Germany is indeed one of the best places for a stopover. Rhine and Frankfurt are good recommendations. Your enjoyment level multiplies if you know a German word or two. But then, that’s not really necessary. You’ll love it here nonetheless.

9. Spain


Spain is not just a charming, quaint place. Its people are also nice, warm, and welcoming.  Try Andalusia. You’ll definitely enjoy your stay there, and you might even get to dance the flamenco with the locals. The city of Seville is simply wonderful. You won’t encounter a lot of concerns even if you decided to travel alone. Just be yourself and get ready to have fun. The locals will practically do everything else for you. Perfect, isn’t it?

8. Portugal


The 13 million annual tourists of Portugal can’t be wrong. They simply love it here. So if you plan to be surrounded by nice people while lounging in wonderful beaches, scaling high cliffs, or exploring medieval castles, this place is perfectly right for you. The locals are also warm enough to welcome you to their colorful dance festivals and treat you to a sumptuous Mediterranean meal. Where else can you enjoy all these? Portugal and its hoards of nice people are just waiting for you. Plan a trip out here today and experience all of these things yourself!

7. Ireland


The people of Ireland aren’t just nice and polite, they’re quite helpful too. If you need anything, don’t hesitate asking for help from a local. They will unlikely turn down your request. In case you got into an accident on the road or somewhere else, they’re ready to provide assistance. These people won’t leave you out in the cold. Here in Ireland, it’s almost impossible to enjoy a good round of the famous Irish beer all by yourself. You’ll always have an eager local to share it with.

6. Australia


The days you’ll spend in Sydney are the ones you’ll cherish forever. First, the country is home to breathtaking harbors and beaches. Second, they’ve got the best food in the Pacific. And third, its people will make your stay wonderful. Try the real Australian accommodation and you might just find yourself extending your stay for a day or two.  The Land Down Under may just be the perfect place for you to retire. You’ll make a lot of good friends here.

5. Macedonia


If you’re looking for a brand new experience in your travels, come to Macedonia. You’ll simply love the holidays here. The nice people of Macedonia, combined with the country’s top cultural and geographical attractions, would make your journey a truly worthwhile experience. Go out hiking or trekking with the locals. They would love you around and even show you the least explored tracks. They may even suggest which ancient ruins and medieval monasteries you should be exploring next. This hidden gem of Europe is definitely worth adding to your “must-see places” bucket list.

4. Italy


Italy’s nice and wonderful people will show you how to fully enjoy life in the same way that they do. Italians simply care for everyone around them. They enjoy a good drink with a stranger, a chat with an acquaintance, and a party with new friends. While driving on the roads of Italy seems to be treacherous, you can’t say the same for the driver once he gets out of the car. Well, you can always walk instead of drive. You’ll make a lot of friends that way, too!

3. Canada


Whether you’re a visitor or an immigrant, Canada surely knows how to make you feel at home. You’ll love it so much here you’ll barely miss your home country. Among the many cities of Canada, Victoria is the most recommended one. This place isn’t just filled with nice people; it has several wonderful sights and activities to enjoy as well. You can wander around the city and never get bored. Visit a coffee shop and mingle with the locals. Enjoy a sip of wine at a bar and meet even more people. And yes, you can go hang out at the beach, too. Needless to say, Canada is one of those places you might consider spending the rest of your retirement days in.

2. New Zealand

New Zealand

Aside from being friendly, the people of New Zealand also have a great sense of humor. You’ll love it here because you’ll feel welcome right at the time you set foot in the country. New Zealand’s capital Auckland is where you should be. The city got the best combination of crystal blue waters, delicious food, and of course, nice people. The youthful vibrancy of the people here is what makes the city come alive. You’ll drown in the authentic smiles of the people here. And for a lot of people, that’s all that really matters.

1. Iceland


Iceland may be one of the coldest countries in the world, but you can’t say the same for its people. Go ahead and explore the country’s breathtaking landscapes. As you do, you can probably receive complimentary cakes and cookies from stores. Iceland simply loves to make its visitors feel right at home. But that’s not all. The locals are more than willing to sit down and chat with tourists, treat them to a drink or two, and even add them to their social media accounts. Could you ask for more? The people of Iceland are definitely more than nice. They’re charming! It’s always a pleasure visiting and staying in Iceland for a vacation, the holidays, or even for no particular reason at all.

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