Top 10 Countries to Live In

It’s not easy to live in another country. But if you were to migrate to any of the 10 countries found on this list, then you will surely feel that you have finally found your second home. Here are the 10 best countries to settle in, in case you want to flee from your own.

Countries to Live In

10. Austria


If living in Central Europe sound quite appealing to you, then a trip to Vienna not just to see the sights but to stay permanently is definitely a dream come true. Austria has ranked in the OECD Better Life Index as one of the most peaceful, happiest, and richest countries in the world. And because of the country’s calm and serene surroundings, the life expectancy here is above 80 years of age. If you want to live happier longer, you now know where to go.

9. Iceland


Iceland is the country for you if you are big on the environment, are a do-gooder, and a civic volunteer; or if you simply want to be surrounded by these kinds of people at the very least.  Iceland is a strong follower of renewable energy. The people here also have a very positive outlook in life. And when it comes to life expectancy and literacy level, they top the charts as well.

8. Finland


Finland is yet another industrialized nation in Europe. It’s one very happy nation to say the least, especially if you’re the type of person who thinks of Christmas as the best celebration there is. In Finland, there’s actually a Santa Claus Village where you can ride real reindeers. If you’re excited to see that and everything else the Finland has to offer, then book a flight and see what’s in store for you out here. You might find this country so well economically and socially that you may want to stay permanently. Be sure to come prepared for that.

7. The Netherlands

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is probably one of the few nations that has two capitals – Hague and Amsterdam. Out here, education is compulsory among children and teens. So if you are planning to start a family, this country could be the one right for you as illiteracy in this country is close to nil. When it comes to employment, it is among the highest paying countries in the world. It is also among the happiest countries, one of the many with the largest economy and lowest crime rate.

6. United States

United States

If you’re a business minded individual and want to transfer to another country for greener pastures, the US is where you should go. America is the land of the free – even the market is free. Out here, it is fairly easy getting a job or start a business to support yourself and your family. This country is ranked 10 out of 10 in terms of income by the OECD Better Life Index. So if you’re ready to roll the dice and make a gamble on a new chapter of your life, give Uncle Sam a call.

5. Canada


Still, according to the OECD Better Life Index, Canada ranks in the No. 5 slot when it comes to being the happiest country in the world. If what you’re really searching for is calmness, serenity, peace, and a fairly comfortable life, you must not hesitate about coming to this country and staying permanently. Aside from a bright future, you also have around 2,500 square miles of glaciers, forests, lakes, and mountains to explore.

4. Norway


The Kingdom of Norway is the country where health is literally treated as wealth. There are huge programs out here intended to preserve the health of the people. Additionally, Norway is among the countries with the lowest crime rate, the highest GDP, and a huge number of happily living and fully contented residents. It is also among the few countries where the water, air, and the surroundings remains fresh.

3. Hongkong


Hongkong is one city in Southeast Asia that is considered as the safest place to live in. There rarely are serious crimes reported out here, even if the whole city is busy as a bee. Even tourists feel that it is safe to be in Hongkong. The thriving economy of this nation and the comparatively low cost of living make it a place that expats should seriously consider migrating to.

2. Sweden


Sweden’s literacy level is fairly high because of a good number of academics that it has nurtured over the years. It also doesn’t rank low on any of the metrics set by the OECD Better Life Index. This nation is also big on civic engagement, the positive social environment, life work balance, and overall community satisfaction. If you are rather ambitious and you want to live in a place where things are almost perfect, come to Sweden.  It’ll welcome you with open arms.

1. Australia


Australia is no longer the Land Down Under as it has zoomed straight up to become one of the most desirable countries to live in. And the reason for that is not surprising. The life expectancy in Australia is 82 years, so you’ll definitely live longer out there than anywhere else in the world. The Aussies are also very involved with the works of their government, thereby making sure that democracy is indeed for the people and by the people. As a result, the job security, amount of income, level of education, and the effectiveness of the housing programs in the country are way above expectation. Migrating to Australia may just be one of the best decisions you can make. And yes, it is also regarded as the happiest place on earth, still according to the OECD Better Life Index.