The Worst 10 Countries to Live In

Around the world, there are a handful of countries that off-limits to travelers and most especially to immigrants. Whether you are just scouting out an entirely new country to live in or are ready to make the move, be sure that you don’t go anywhere near these 10 worst countries to live in. If you do, your life may not change for the better, but for the worst.


10. Tanzania


If you want to migrate to another country for retirement, Tanzania is not one of your best options. In fact, it could be the worst decision you can make. In Tanzania’s population of 47.7 million, 93% of its 55 to 64-year-old residents are still employed. That means you might be forced to take on a job if in case your retirement money wasn’t enough. The government isn’t about to give you alms.

9. North Korea

North Korea

Just a short refresher on geography, Korea is composed of two nations, the North and the South. While South Korea is thriving in the political, social, and economic aspects, North Korea continued to embrace dictatorship. While the people of the North are technically free, they are all under the supreme rule of their leader. And whatever that leader does or says is the law, or something like it. So if you were to visit Korea, be sure that you don’t mess up your map and ended up North when you really want to go down South. If you do, that could have been the worst thing ever happen to you.

8. Syria


Syria has figured many times in several wars, which literally left the nation in ruins. The Syrian civil war that had started several years ago has no signs of stopping anytime soon. With their President busy attacking the rebel factions, tons of refugees are fleeing the war-stricken nation. People are trying to find relief in neighboring countries, so there’s really no place for new visitors. And things can go from worse to worst in the coming years if no drastic changes occur.

7. South Sudan

South Sudan

Just like Syria, South Sudan is infested with internal conflicts between Muslims and non-Muslims, and between tribes versus militia groups. And mainly because of these conflicts, the nation’s economy is in turmoil. What used to be a rich oil reserve has to be shut down. What could have been a nice paradise resort never came around. South Sudan has to undergo years of intensive rehabilitation if ever it decides to resolve the conflicts that hounded the nation. That’s the only way it can get back on its feet again.

6. Iraq


Iraq has long acquired the infamous reputation of notoriously harboring weapons of mass destruction. This country is also famous for the Sadam Hussein supremacy and bad image has never died down, even it has been many years after his death. Given that, Iraq is known for having lack of freedom and security. The ineffective government services are also among the nation’s many grievances.

5. Somalia


Somalia is a very poor nation so it’s not surprising why it ended up in this list of the 10 worst countries to live in. This nation always tops the Failed State Index as conducted by the Fund for Peace. The many problems of this nation include bad governance, poor health conditions, militia activities, and low life expectancy. The 10-year famine that plagued Somalia is still fresh in the world’s mind.

4. Central African Republic

Central African Republic

If a government advises its own people from traveling to certain parts of the country, chances are, things are not as good as they should have been. In the Central African Republic, bandits, poaches, and armed rebel groups, freely walk the streets and threatening civilians. The UN has recently placed this nation under genocide watch, which suggests that no soul is safe out here. Many Muslims will flee the country at any chance they get. Even if you’re not a Muslim, try to find another place to live in – one that is not as bad as this one.

3. Kenya


Kenya is also among the African nations with proven links to terrorist groups. Out here, terrorists take over malls, bomb cars, and blow up business establishments. There are way far better countries to live in other than Kenya. Although this is a nice place to enjoy safaris and the great outdoors, there’s really no good reason to live or stay here permanently. The worst thing that could happen to you out here is to is to caught in the middle of a deadly terrorist attack.

2. Afghanistan


Like most nations in the Middle East, Afghanistan is among the war-torn nations that will require years of recovery should it decide to stop the shootings, bombings, and the killings. The US military has intervened in their war, but even that move had failed to correct whatever unrest that plagues the nation. Afghanistan is not your place to have fun. It is also the worst place to be in now, after retirement, or ever.

1. Nigeria


They say that oil makes a nation prosperous. However, for Nigeria, having a huge oil reserve is more of a curse. The Nigerian government is concentrating all its efforts to protect its oil exports. As a result, it seemingly forgot all about its social and political responsibilities to the nation. What happened next is the many cases of torture, violence, rape, and arbitrary detentions. There are also heavy military conflicts occurring in and around the oil rich regions. That’s not yet mentioning the prevalence of drugs and gangs in the outskirts.