Top 10 Fairy Tale Monsters

Does it scare you when you think something (like a MONSTER) is under your bed at night? What if one is in the closet? Whether you are a child or an adult, no doubt, it leaves scary remarks on your head. Fairy Tale monsters featured on this list involve 10 of the mythical antagonists that are being told and retold in several ways since our childhood days. What I say is you believe in monsters whether or not you know it. Many people out there are the lovers of folktales, lovers of monsters, the lovers of weird, gruesome, and mysterious things in this universe. This list just tries to combine the lot by selecting the most horrifying of all monsters from those age-old fairy tales. By now, let’s not talk about the monsters that live in our brains; however it can penetrate another serious topic to discuss about. Here, we are just listing the top 10 monsters, but those who exist in Fairy Tales only.

10. Sphinx

Sphinx fairy tales monoster

The Greek Mythology gave rise to a new folklore mythicizing about one of the most treacherous and merciless creatures called Sphinx. Sphinx is described as having the body of a lion and the head of a lady. Myths say Sphinx used to ask a riddle to people on their way and those who can’t answer her riddle are killed and eaten by Sphinx, what a ravenous monster! However the exact riddle asked by Sphinx was not specified by the early tellers of the tales, the one offered to Oedipus was like this:

“What animal is that which in the morning goes upon four feet; upon two feet in the
afternoon; and in the Evening upon three?”

However, many interpretations are available about Sphinx’s Riddle, nobody knows what exactly Oedipus answered but it’s been said that he was the only person to solve Sphinx’s Riddle, and was not killed by Sphinx. If you happen to meet Sphinx, what will you reply her back? Be well-prepared guys! You know very well what she does when one can’t solve her riddle… ha ha ha!

9. Fenrir

Fenrir monster

The Norse Mythology says Fenrir a monstrous wolf. It’s a giant, shaggy black wolf. Fenrir is described as the offspring of Loki who is the god of mischief. Various interpretations are still out there about Fenrir however it’s been depicted as the great lover of human flesh. The Fenris grows ever larger with each person he devours. Myths say Fenris is the size of a continent by the time of Ragnarok. In some other Mythos, Fenrir eats Odin and then swallows the entire world. He uses his lower gaping jaw to drag the ground while his upper jaw touches the sky. Well, it’s been said!

8. Ogre

Ogre monster

Maybe Ogre is the Monster you used to fear the most of while you were kid. It’s because Ogres are most often described in fairy tales as eating babies. They are often depicted as large humanoid monsters having a head large enough, abundant hair and beard, a very strong body, and well, a voracious appetite for feeding on humans. They hunt by smell or sound and it’s been said that before it dies, the victim sees its own reflection in the sightless eyes of Ogres. Ogres and Ogresses are still very popular in fairy tales and folklores.

7. Bluebeard

blueheard monster

Bluebeard is a violent monster introduced originally by French folktales. Bluebeard has been depicted as a ferocious nobleman in the habit of marrying and murdering his wives. Actually, Bluebeard is depicted as a wealthy aristocrat. And he was feared because of his blue-colored beard which looks dreadfully ugly. Bluebeard is said to have married several girls but nobody knows what becomes of his beautiful wives. After marrying a new girl, Bluebird would give all keys to the new wife telling her they open the doors to rooms containing treasures. And again he would give her another key to the room stressing her that she should never ever enter this room, no matter what. He’d then go away from house showing some reasons. But, the overpowering desire of her wife would let her check what’s there inside the forbidden room. The new wife would immediately discover the horrible secret of that room: that it was all bloodshed. All of a sudden, Bluebeard would return home the next morning and would come to know that his new wife entered the room. The next step, you know what happens. The Bluebeard once again would kill his next wife. Beware girls, would that be Bluebeard coming to you and convincing you to marry him!

6. Loch Ness Monster

Loch Ness Monster

It’s been said that Loch Ness Monster is a cryptid and very large animal that inhabits in the Lake of Loch Ness situated in Scotland. Loch Ness Monster often appeared to be preached for the first time in 1933 at the lake Loch Ness. The popular folktales say that Loch Ness Monster is similar to a long necked dinosaur or a snake or a dragon. This lake monster is often said to have seen only a head and neck. The photograph by Surgeon is supposed to be the first photo of the head and neck of Loch Ness Monster. Many people now claim to have spotted Loch Ness Monster. However, nobody can say with certainty about the existence of this creature.

5. Bigfoot and Yeti

 Bigfoot and Yeti monster

‘Bigfoot’ and ‘Yeti’ share very close resemblance. Bigfoot is similar creature or cryptid but is believed to live in forests of North-West America. Much similar stories like that of Yeti have been heard about Bigfoot too. Yeti is popularly known as ‘The Abominable Snowman’. They say Yeti supposedly lives in the snowy Himalayas. Yeti is described as an ape like cryptid taller than an average human and a very aggressive and monstrous snowman. Till the date, nobody has reported seeing or meeting with the Yeti. However, there was a rumor around 1974 that Yeti attacked a Sherpa woman in Nepal Himalayas while grazing her yaks. According to the Sherpa woman, the Snowman came up from behind her and then hit her on the head and also grabbed her neck. It’s been said that Yeti also killed some yaks of Sherpa woman. The story of Yeti is yet as mysterious as the story of Bigfoot in North America. However, the Everest Expedition Team of 19th of March, 1954 found some hair specimens in Pangboche Monastery from what was alleged to be a scalp of Yeti.

4. Ghoul

ghoul monster

A Ghoul is another folkloric monster or spirit associated with graveyards. Ghouls are said to have consuming human flesh and often classified as undead. The existing myth says that Ghouls is likely One Thousand and One Nights old. Other myths describe Ghoul as an evil demon that preys on young children, eats the dead, drinks blood and so on. Ghoul lures unwary people into the desert wastes or abandoned places to devour them.

3. Dragons


Flying and fire-breathing creature Dragon is one of the legendary creatures with typical serpentine and reptilian characteristics. Dragons are popular in the myths of several different cultures from around the world. Mainly, The Dragons can be categorized in two distinct types: European Dragons and Chinese Dragons. Dragons actually are the mythological representation of a reptile and are mostly depicted as a huge lizards or snakes in modern days. However, different myths are popular depicting Dragons in many different shapes and with different features. As per European folklores, Dragons are described as living in rivers or having underground lairs. In some tales, Dragons can even talk like human. They are portrayed as evil monsters in some other tales though. European Dragons are depicted as malevolent though there are some exceptions. Chinese dragons are the highest ranking animal in the Chinese animal hierarchy. They believe Dragons as the symbol of power, courage, and majesty and are considered protective. You might have already heard the tales of some Dragons namely The Drake, Faerie Dragon, Hydra, The Sea Serpent and so on.

2. Werewolves


In Myths, Werewolves are described as extremely terrifying hunters that can rip a man to shreds in seconds. By Werewolf, it means lycanthrope meaning ‘Wolf Man’. It is believed that they come out in the full moon and they take the human form. It’s even possible for one of these beasts to have no clue what their true nature is when in their human form. According to some popular rumors, the change can be controlled via magic. Even some in wolf form can control the beast and use it against their enemies. Various methods of becoming a werewolf have been reported in Mythos. One of the simplest methods being the removal of clothing and putting on a belt made of wolf skin is also popular. The methods of remedies too have been equally stated in various myths though.

1. Vampires and Dracula

 Vampires and Dracula

Vampires!! Myths say Vampires are supernaturally reanimated corpses and they are inhabited by the spirit of deceased. They suck blood, live in groups or colonies, and look more like human beings. Blood is always the main component of vampire’s diet. Their body will become severely weak if they somehow fail to drink blood and they will ultimately desiccate into mummification. It’s been said that Vampires themselves are extremely feral and predatory creatures. Their canine teeth lengthen into fangs and give them more predatory look. The bite of vampires can sever the limbs of both animals and humans. It is also believed that Vampires also have emotions like humans like anger, hate, happiness, love and compassion. But again, their emotions are far more intense than that of humans. Many Myths are yet out there about how to kill the Vampires or how to become a Vampire. Dracula is also like a Vampire but it tend to live alone and happy to tell anyone to sleep in coffin. As heard in Fairy tales, Dracula have more ancient look with black cloak and very sharp canine teeth.

Final Conclusion:

Those who exist in utopian world of fairy tales are the creatures too strange and at times do not occur to the human mind. There are many fairy tales that become legend. We all have grown up hearing such stories of supernatural powers and creatures aren’t we? Most probably your granny told you some of the most interesting folklores. Or maybe your mom was there with those stories but we all have very much impression about fairy tales since our childhood days. More often those horrible monstrous creatures you’ve heard about never leave their impression from your mind, does it? But still, there’s no such certainty or scientific evidence about their existence till the date. They are the cruelest, shocking, violent, and terrifying monsters for sure, but only in Fairy Tales. But what about the monster that lives inside our brains? Of course, that monster is an important part of who we are. And by the way, these monsters are quite a bit more terrifying than the thing you only thought lived under your bed.

Be sure to drop your comments to let us know your own favorites. We know that there’s no limit in Fairy Tales; it’s an imaginary world without limits.

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