Top 10 highest Populated Cities in the World

World Population is for sure everyone’s cup of tea. The population of major cities around the globe has been a burning issue for years though. If we consider the big picture, population growth rate is increasing dramatically. But, the growth rate on the other hand, seems to be different in different countries. There are countries like Canada want more people while countries like China have set the limit to the number of child per family. However many countries are enforcing various debating policies about population growth, the population is growing rapidly in its entirety. Despite their policy child of limit, China’s population doesn’t seem to balance. The population growth rate is still expanding up and up.

So, let’s know about the most populous cities of world. There are many statistics available about the populations of major cities in the world. But considering the recent census figures, I have prepared this list of top 10 populated cities in the world.

10. Mexico City, Mexico (Population: 19,463,000)

Mexico City highest population

Mexico City, the capital city of Mexico is considered an important financial center for North America. The city was built by the Aztec in 1325. But later on, during the siege of Tenochtitlan in 1521, the city was almost destroyed. And it was then reconstructed in 1524 by the Spanish and is now formally become famous as Ciudad de Mexico. Mexico City has the GDP of about $390 billion which makes up the one quarter of of nation’s GDP. Mexico City is now is the 8th richest metropolitan city in the globe and is tenth most populous city in the world with its population of 19,463,000.

9. Sao Paulo, Brazil (Population: 20,186,000)

Sao Paulo City highest population

Talking about Sao Paulo, it’s known to be the biggest city in Brazil. It’s not only the most populated city in South America but also is the largest city in the Southern Hemisphere. Originally founded in 1532 as the first Portuguese Colony in the New World, Sao Paulo now boasts plentiful tourist attractions including Sao Paulo Museum of Art, ATP Brazil Open, and the Brazil Grand Prix Formula 1 Sao Paulo among many others. According to the latest Census, Sao Paulo is the ninth most populated city in the world. The city is also known for its fast growing economy. According to economists, Sao Paulo shall gain one of the highest economic growths in the world between the years 2011 and 2025. FIFA World Cup 2014 will be held in Sao Paulo.

8. New York City, USA (Population: 20,464,000)

New York City highest population

New York has been nicknamed by various names like, The City that Never Sleeps and The Center of the Universe. New York is also popularly nicknamed as the Big Apple which was popularized in 1920s by John J. Fitz Gerald who used to be a sports writer for The New York Morning Telegraph. According to the census of 2012, New York City is the most crowded city of North America. New York is the home to UN headquarters and is the center of many other premier businesses and industries. New York is formed by five boroughs namely Staten Island, Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. Later in 1898, all of five boroughs were merged into a single city. New York City is the eighth most populated city in the world according to the latest census.

7. Karachi, Pakistan (Population: 20,711,000)

Karachi City highest population

Karachi is the important business and industrial center of Pakistan. Obviously, Karachi is the financial pivot for the entire Pakistan. Besides, it’s the largest city and main harbor of the nation. With the density of about 6000 people per square kilometers, Karachi is the most crowded city of Pakistan. The city features many industries including medical research, fashion, and automotive are few among numerous others. Before Islamabad was constructed for the evenly development of the nation, Karachi was the capital city of Pakistan. With the population of 20,711,000, Karachi is the seventh most populated city in the world according to the recent census.

6. Manila, Philippines (Population: 20,767,000)

Manila City highest population

Manila is the capital city of Philippines. It’s one of the 16 cities that form the Metro Manila, the national capital region of Philippines. But only few people are aware of the fact that Manila is one of the most populated cities in the world. While it comes to most populated cities in the world, Manila is the one which is often overlooked. In fact, Manila is known for its rich arts, commerce, education, tourism, and healthcare and so on. Manila also is the center of Philippines that boasts the areas of cultural, historical, educational and economic importance. According to the recent census, Manila is the sixth most populated city in the world with its population of 20,767,000.

5. Shanghai, China (Population: 20,860,000)

Shanghai City highest population

According to the latest census, Shanghai is the most populous city in China and the fifth most populated city in the world. Established in 960AD, it’s now the busiest Container Port on the globe and considered the financial center of Asia Pacific region. The literal meaning of Shanghai is ‘Upon the Sea’ but Shanghai is popularly nicknamed as ‘The Paris of the East.’ From Finance to Fashion, Shanghai is regarded as the frontrunner in many things in the world. The city is also the mainstay of Chinese economy and is also one of the four direct controlled municipalities of China.

4. Delhi, India (Population: 22,242,000)

Delhi City highest population

Located in the Northern part of India, Delhi is the biggest city of India which was built in 1931 by the British. With it population of about 22,242,000, Delhi is now the 4th most crowded city in the world. Delhi includes the capital city of India, New Delhi, which is just one of the nine districts of entire Delhi. Its population growth rate is one of the fastest rates in the world and chances are if it continues like this, it could even jump to the top in this list in next few years. Delhi is also known for its huge consumer market.

3. Seoul, South Korea (Population: 22,547,000)

Seoul City highest population

Established in 17BC, Seoul is the largest city of South Korea and is home to over half of South Korean population. Seoul is also a home to over 600000 international residents. Seoul, being one of the popular historical cities, boasts four of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Besides, Seoul has the fourth highest GDP in the world. The major attraction of Seoul includes the National Park in Mount Bukhan, which is known as the most visited national park in the entire world. So, Seoul boasts its premier importance in tourism as well. Apart from that, Seoul is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and it has always been a leading technological city of entire Asian continent. With its population over 22,547,000, Seoul is the third most populated city in the world.

2. Jakarta, Indonesia (Population: 26,026,000)Jakarta City highest population


Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia and is the largest city in the country. It is officially known as The Special Capital Region of Jakarta. Jakarta was established in the 4th century and it territory has come in and out in control of several civilizations ever since 324 AD. Jakarta being the capital city of Indonesia is the economic center of the nation and it is one of cities having fastest population growth rate in the world. Over 17000 islands make up the entire nation Indonesia and Jakarta is also nicknamed as the Island of Java Home. Interestingly though, Jakarta is regarded as the Indonesian equivalent to New York (nicknamed as The Big Apple), hence they call it Big Durian as well. With the population of over 26 million, Jakarta is the second most populated city in the world after Tokyo.

1. Tokyo, Japan (Population: 37,126,000)

Tokyo City highest population

Tokyo is the capital city of Japan and remains at the top as the largest metropolitan area on this planet. Tokyo is also popularly known as the home to highest number of Fortune Global 500 Companies of any other city. The Summer Olympic Games 2020 will take place in Tokyo. Besides, Tokyo is considered one of the three Command Centers for the world economy, the two being New York City and London. Tokyo was established originally as a fishing village called Edo but later in 1457, it was fortified. But today, Tokyo is the most populous city in the world.


Going through the list of top 10 populated cities in the world, we can clearly see that most of the cities in the list are situated in Asia. However, comparing the populations of major cities of the world can be bit confusing at times as the census considerations for can differ from country to country. It’s not an official list, though I have tried to compile the list of top populated cities in accordance with the latest available and reliable census figures. Whatever, but no one can ignore the fact that the world population is growing exponentially every year. Yes, the universe is expanding! And yes, it’s what we need to be highly conscious about. We anyhow should control this tremendous growth of population and make this world a better, spacious place to live in.