Top 10 Love Games You Can Play with Your Partner

There is a saying ‘Couples that play, together stay together’. And yes, with the age-old adage, relationships might fade away and the love or the bond that once existed to the acme could make a move below to the grounds. So, what else is required other than some utterly romantic love games that could bring you and your partner more close to a completely newer height of interactivity and intimacy? Love competition and games add spice to any relationship.

Sometimes a simple game between two couples will ward off all the monotony present in the love life and get both of the partners back in the mood of passion and romance. So, get back in action folks, these top 10 love games you can play with your partner will surely create a sexy romantic and sizzling atmosphere within the sheets. Who would not love to clear all the sparks present in the love sack.

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10. Play the story

love games

Play the story can be a fun time for a couple. Just take a paper and write down a line about anything you like. Maybe ‘I’m in my washroom, making up my hair’ to start with. Ask your partner to write another line relative to the first one. Make sure to add some erotic line to make it more romantic. Continue passing the paper to and forth and jot as many line both of the parties can. And, when you people get bored, put the story into action and see how the hot tale plays out. Make sure you’ve added some dirty movies on Netflix to the watch-list so that you can get kinky with your partner inside the bed.

9. Flip to Watch

flip the watch love games

Get you and your partner in a dark room and blow some candles. Turn on a romantic, slow-paced instrumental music or a sexy song. Take a coin and flip it. If its ‘Heads’ you get to be the ‘watcher’ and your partner has to get in bed. Ask your partner to do anything you’d like to have him do in bed. Strip, talk dirty and sit back to enjoy the show. Flip the coin again and repeat the same process.

8. Sack Jack

sack jack love games

Did you know, there’s a love game of Black Jack. Yes, it’s ‘Sack Jack’ where one of the partner is the dealer and the other is a player. And, there is no money to bet on. It’s love. Put on some romantic favors like a massage, a deep smooch, a hug or a minute of bed-time maybe? Don’t forget the rules, if one of you two makes 21 first, the other one has to put off a cloth from the body. Play until any one of you get completely undressed. You could have some more fun after then, what say?

7. Fantastic 25

fanstastic 25 love games

What if you and your partner are feeling bored on a long journey. There might be people around and it might not be so good to smooch around in such place. Also, if you’re dating someone new and haven’t opened up much, try the ‘Fantastic 25’. Ask your girlfriend different questions regarding her life, relationships, love and different sexual fantasies in either ‘yes’ or ‘no’. If she’s pregnant, ask her to check her linea nigra and guess if she’s going to have a boy or a girl. You could figure out a lot of things and get much closer then. Just make sure you don’t put boring questions regarding her past relationships.

6. One Step forward, One Step Backward!

One Step forward, One Step Backward!

What if your partner have come home from abroad after a long time? You might just want to explore him again and want to do it in a romantic way. Get laid in bed and ask your partner to move close to the door. Start asking him some ‘yes-no’ questions. If he answers you right, ask him to take a step forward, and a step backward, if he goes wrong. Just make sure that the questions are not too tough. Go easy during the start and make it tough when he gets more close to you; Ain’t that Romantic?

5. Spin the Bottle

games about love

Here is a classic game, Spin the Bottle that you can play with a fun twist. Place several liquors, sexy items, creams, strawberries, honey and chocolates in a circle alongside you two people pretending them to be your friends. Now, find an empty bottle and spin it. If it points towards your partner, ask him to kiss you and use the items the way you want if the bottle points at them.

4. Lovopoly


What if you could play the typical game of Monopoly including some love buzz in it? Lovopoly will surely get both the parties engaged and build a strong one-to-one bond. You don’t need to invest much as well. Just get a cardboard and paint the top like a monopoly board. Mention the place where you both met in the ‘GO’ section. In the other spots, mention things like go on dates, vacation or a watching romantic comedies on Netflix. Make sure you replace ‘Jail’ with fights. And what could be more enjoyable if you replace ‘Money’ with ‘Kisses’. The winner will get as many kisses as they have; a win-win romantic situation.

3. Burst the balloon

love games

Who says kids only enjoy balloons? Even love partners can have an amazing time with balloon games and the balloon burst game will surely make the atmosphere completely loving. Blow as many as party balloon. Have them placed between you and your partner while on bed and starting hugging, kissing and squeezing each other and squash the balloons. Just make sure that you don’t pop out the balloon alone. Another great way of playing this is fill the balloons with some sweet love notes or good nostalgias. You’ll enjoy it to the best you can imagine.

2. Hide and Seek

hide and seek love games

Before you might feel that Hide and Seek is just a normal game you played during your childhood, let us tell you that it is no normal Hide and Seek game that we are proposing. A Hide and Seek game with both the partners undressed or just a piece of cloth in the body that turns on your partner. Just make sure that the game gets intensely naughty with some sexy rules to add up the tempo. You can also put a bet in the game to make it kinkier. If he wins, he will take some time to get extreme pleasure and if he loses, make him your slave for a day or vice-versa.

1. A minute in heaven

a minute in heaven

Though kissing is a part of a relationship that ties strong bond between couples, it can be enjoyed if nicely adopted as well. Slather dark lipsticks and then kiss as much as you can on your partner’s body in a minute. Next, it’s your partner’s turn to repeat the same on your body and after both of the partners finish, count the number of the kisses to see who managed to take most of the lip impressions. The only problem in this game is, guys may not want to apply color on their lips, but if there is fun; why not to do it for your girl?

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Love games are one of the best parts of building a great relationship. If one of the games does not fit you, go for another and have your best shot. Don’t ever shy away from doing something unique and always try to get imaginative to explore the desired result. But, always make sure that your partner feels comfortable before you try any of the above love games. Lastly, Have a Great Love Life. 😉

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